A girl with yellow hair wearing a pink dress with her arms spread out
First Appearance: 
August 23, 1959

Sally is inquisitive and demands answers for everything. Why do kids have to go to school? Why not dessert first? When faced with a question she can’t answer, she tackles the problem with a classic philosophy: “Who cares?!” Her heart skips a beat when she sees her “Sweet Babboo,” Linus. And she knows that even though she may not understand him, she can always turn to her big brother, Charlie Brown, for help and encouragement.

Did You Know: 
For 6 months, Sally experienced amblyopia ("lazy eye") and wore an eye patch.

"Sally is the complete pragmatist. There is a certain charm when she fractures the language: ‘By golly, if any centimeters come in this room, I’ll step on them!" —Charles M. Schulz

Boy sitting on the floor holding a blue blanket and sucking his thumb
Sally is devoted to Linus, whom she affectionately calls “my sweet babboo.”
Blue suitecase
Sally is constantly trying to move into her big brother’s room whenever he leaves the house.
Stack of books
Sally has a philosophy for every occasion and to solve any problem—such as, “Why are you telling me?”