• First appearance: July 31, 1968
  • Charlie Brown’s quiet friend and confidant, Franklin might be the only one who never has an unkind word about our hapless hero. At school, Franklin sits one seat ahead of Peppermint Patty, which makes his school days that much more unbearable.

  • Did you know: Franklin goes to school with Peppermint Patty and Marcie but visits his friend Charlie Brown in a nearby neighborhood.
First appearance: April 10th, 1976 Peppermint Patty stands on the pitcher's mound talking to Franklin. She says,"Franklin, Marcie seems to think our team needs baseball caps..." He smiles and replies,"I sure would like a cap! Just think how great I'd look stealing third base with my cap flying in the air!" As Franklin walks off, Peppermint Patty asks,"When was the last time you stole third base, Franklin?" First appearance: December 15th, 1997 Lucy wears a coat and a hat and stands in the snow. She says, "I don't know who's hiding behind that tree with a snowball..." She yells, "But whoever it is better get rid of it because if he throws it at me, I'm gonna pound him into the ground!" Eight heads pop out from behind the tree and drop their snowballs on the ground. They include: Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy and Franklin. First appearance: May 25th, 1988 Charlie Brown walks behind Franklin. Franklin says, "My grampa went to his high school's fortieth reunion last night . ." Franklin says, "He's also been to a college reunion and an army reunion . . ." Franklin purchases a movie ticket. Franklin says, "He has a new career . . He goes back to things." First appearance: August 29th, 1984 Peppermint Patty and Franklin lean on the wall. Peppermint Patty says, "School starts soon, Franklin, but we won't be in the same class this term . . ." Franklin says, "I'm gonna miss you, Patricia . ." Franklin says, "I remember once I thought I heard a jet flying over our school . . . I turned around, and it was you snoring . . ." A sad Peppermint Patty says, "Don't coun Latest appearance: January 9th, 2002 / First appearance: January 5th, 1972 Peppermint Patty and Franklin sit at their desks in school. Peppermint Patty says, "Hey, Franklin, did you hear the latest?" Peppermint Patty continues, "They're talking 'Dress code' around here again! They don't like my shorts and sandals . . . How piggy can they get?" Peppermint Patty adds, "I think I'll put in for a transfer." Franklin asks, "To a new school?" Peppermint First appearance: July 9th, 1990 Franklin, Sally, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Linus and Snoopy wait on line for the movies. Sally says, "I wonder if there's a lot of swearing in this movie . . ." Linus says, "I heard that there is . . ." Snoopy thinks, "Rats!" Latest appearance: October 17th, 2002 / First appearance: October 19th, 1972 Peppermint Patty and Franklin sit at their desks in school. Franklin looks at a piece of paper and says, "I worried about this test all night . . ." Franklin continues, "I worried and worried and worried . . ." Peppermint Patty asks, "So what happened?" Franklin replies, "I got an 'A.'" Franklin slouches in his seat and says, "I wasted a good worry!" First appearance: March 6th, 1979 Franklin stands between Marcie and a boy. He says, "Inscrutable?" Franklin says, "No, ma'am . . . I can't spell inscrutable." Franklin walks away and says, "You said, if I took part in the spelling bee, all I'd have to do is spell words . . ." Franklin sits at his desk and says, "You didn't say I had to spell 'em right!" First appearance: July 30th, 1995 Peppermint Patty leans back in her desk. She says, "I'm awake!" Peppermint Patty says, "Yes, ma'am . . We went to the concert, and heard 'Adagio for Strings' by Samuel the Barber . ." Marcie says, "Not Samuel the Barber! Samuel Barber! Good grief!" Marcie asks, "Can't you ever get anything right?!" Marcie continues, "What's wrong with you? Don't you ever listen? First appearance: September 10th, 1975 Peppermint Patty and Franklin sit at their desks in school. Peppermint Patty says, "True! False! True! False! Obviously false!" Peppermint Patty continues, "Absolutely true! Undeniably false! Unquestionably true! Reasonably true!" Peppermint Patty says, "Irrefutably true! Understandably false! Intrinsically false! Inherently false! Charmingly true!" Franklin says, "Charming First appearance: August 19th, 1976 Lucy stands in the outfield with Franklin. She writes on a notepad and says, "I'm writing an article for our school paper about violence in sports . . ." Lucy continues, "A judge recently declared that a hockey stick is a 'Dangerous weapon' . . . Do you agree?" Franklin replies, "In all my years of playing baseball, I've never been hit with a hockey stick!" Lucy walks away First appearance: November 23rd, 1983 Marcie and Peppermint Patty sit at their school desks. Both look sick. Marcie says, "I don't feel very good . . ." Peppermint Patty says, "I don't either, Marcie . . ." Peppermint Patty says, "Whatever you have, I think you passed it on to me . . ." Franklin feels his forehead and says, "I don't feel so good, either . . ." Peppermint Patty exclaims, "Duck, ma'am! You're First appearance: February 17th, 1990 Franklin follows behind Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown says, "My grampa says that when he was small, and got sick, the doctor gave him baby aspirin . . ." Charlie Brown and Franklin lean on the wall. Charlie Brown says, "Last week his cardiologist told him he should take one baby aspirin every day . . ." Charlie Brown says, "Grampa says that somehow he has the feeling he's not get Latest appearance: October 30th, 2016 / First appearance: November 2nd, 1969 A sign sits in a carved pumpkin that reads, "Home wanted." Franklin holds a football. Peppermint Patty holds a pumpkin. Franklin says, "No, thank you . . . I wouldn't know what to do with it . . ." Peppermint Patty says, "Rats!" Peppermint Patty approaches Roy with the pumpkin. Roy says, "No, I don't want it . . Halloween is over . . Besides, I have one of my own to get rid of . . Latest appearance: October 21st, 2004 / First appearance: October 22nd, 1970 Peppermint Patty and Franklin sit at their desks in school. Peppermint Patty holds a paper and says, "An essy test! I'm doomed!" Peppermint Patty asks, "Why couldn't she have given us a multiple-choice test?" Peppermint Patty continues, "Or a true or false test?" Peppermint Patty says, "I hate it when you have to know what you're writing about . . ." Latest appearance: July 29th, 2015 / First appearance: July 31st, 1968 Charlie Brown stands at the edge of the beach and looks at the water. Franklin holds a beach ball and asks, "Is this your beach ball?" Charlie Brown says, "Hey! Yeah! Thank you very much!" Franklin says, "I was swimming out there, and it came floating by . . ." Charlie Brown holds the beach ball and says, "My silly sister threw it into the water." Franklin says, "I see you're makin First appearance: October 21st, 1986 Marcie, Peppermint Patty and Franklin sit in their school desks. Peppermint Patty says, "Yes, ma'am . . This is my report on the music concert . . It was very beautiful . . ." Peppermint Patty says, "It was the first time I ever heard a veal piccata . . ." Marcie whispers, "Bach Toccata." Peppermint Patty says, "Whatever." First appearance: September 28th, 1987 Peppermint Patty and Franklin sit at their school desks. Peppermint Patty whispers in his ear. Peppermint Patty looks up and says, "Me?" Peppermint Patty says, "No, ma'am, I wasn't giving the answers . . ." Patty concludes, "I was just leaking information." First appearance: June 6th, 1985 Charlie Brown stands at the wall with Franklin. Franklin says, "'You never miss the water till the well runs dry . .'" Franklin continues, "That's what my grandfather always used to say." Charlie Brown says, "He must have been a very wise man." Franklin admits, "No, that's all he ever said." Latest appearance: October 11th, 2000 / First appearance: October 16th, 1974 Franklin and Peppermint Patty sit at their desks in school. Franklin looks at a book and reads, "The metric system is easy to learn and understand." Peppermint Patty replies, "Ha!" Franklin continues, "Time saved in teachers certain concepts can be devoted to teaching more important concepts and skills." Peppermint Patty replies, "Ha!" Franklin asks, "How can I explain anything to
Latest appearance: March 30th, 2018 / First appearance: April 2nd, 1971 Charlie Brown and Snoopy stand on the pitcher's mound. Snoopy holds his supper dish in his mouth. Charlie Brown says, "Oh, no you don't!" Charlie Brown continues, "You get fed after the game, not before!" Snoopy walks away with the supper dish still in his mouth. Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound and says, "I hate these salary disputes." Latest appearance: March 7th, 2018 / First appearance: March 10th, 1971 Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown sit at the table. Peppermint Patty holds up a piece of paper and says, "I've worked out the baseball schedule for our two teams, Chuck . . ." Peppermint Patty slides the paper over to Charlie Brown and says, "Here, take a look at it, and see what you think . ." Charlie Brown reaches for the paper. Peppermint Patty smiles and says, "You tou Latest appearance: February 16th, 2018 / First appearance: February 19th, 1971 Charlie Brown sits in front of Lucy's psychiatric booth. He says, "Sometimes I ask myself questions . ." Charlie Brown continues, "Sometimes I ask myself, 'Is this your real life, or is this just a pilot film?'" Charlie Brown holds his arms out and asks, "Is my life a thirty-nine week series or is it a special?" Lucy replies, "Whatever it is, our ratings are down . . Five c Latest appearance: December 21st, 2017 / First appearance: December 24th, 1970 Sally lies in bed and says, "So here it is, Christmas Eve, but there'll be no sleigh bells outside my window tonight . ." Sally continues, "Why? Because I've totally rejected the concept of the fat guy in the red suit! For the first time in my life I feel free! For once I . . ." Sally sits up and listens. She says, "What's that? I thought I heard a sleigh bell . . ." Sally Latest appearance: December 6th, 2017 / First appearance: December 9th, 1970 Charlie Brown sits at the table and writes, "Dear Little Red-Haired Girl, Evening is coming on." Charlie Brown continues to write, "I wish it were snowing huge white flakes, and you and I were walking along holding hands and." Charlie Brown stops and looks at the paper. Charlie Brown crumples up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. He says, "A lot of great letters nev Latest appearance: November 11th, 2017 / First appearance: November 14th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the ground with a rope tied around his neck. Woodstock stands in front of him. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "Woodstock is going to rescue me . ." Woodstock climbs on the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock will have me untied in no time at all . . ." Woodstock struggles with the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock is going to untie me, and we're going to . . ." Woodstoc Latest appearance: October 1st, 2017 / First appearance: October 4th, 1970 Peppermint Patty runs along. Peppermint Patty is on the telephone: "Hey, Chuck, come on over, and see what my Dad gave me for my birthday.." She points: "Roses!" Charlie Brown stands behind her. He says, "Wow!" Peppermint Patty adds, "And you know what he said?" They face each other. "He said that I'm growing up fast, and soo I'll be a beautiful young lady, and all Latest appearance: September 23rd, 2017 / First appearance: September 26th, 1970 Snoopy sits in the grass and turns his head. Lucy stands next to him and holds her hand out. Lucy says, "It's bad luck to turn away from a 'Beep.'" Lucy grabs Snoopy's nose and says, "Beep!" Snoopy thinks, "I didn't know that." Latest appearance: September 22nd, 2017 / First appearance: September 25th, 1970 Linus stands in the wind. He sucks his thumb and holds his blanket. Linus' blanket is blown out of his hands. Linus runs. Linus stands next to the doghouse. The blanket completely covers Snoopy. Snoopy thinks, "I hate to see fall come . . . It gets dark so early . ." Latest appearance: July 17th, 2017 / First appearance: July 20th, 1970 Linus stands behind Lucy and says, "I have a question." Linus asks, "What would happen if there were a beautiful and highly intelligent child up in heaven waiting to be born, and his or her parents decided that the two children they already had were enough?" Lucy says, "Your ignorance of theology and medicine is appalling!" Linus says, "I still think it's a good question . Latest appearance: July 16th, 2017 / First appearance: July 19th, 1970 Snoopy is wearing a baseball cap. He runs backwards, looking up at the sky. CLOMP! Snoopy stands up straight in the air and catches the ball in his mouth. Snoopy runs, his cap flying off his head. CLOMP! He jumps in the air and catches another ball. CLOMP! Snoopy catches the ball, hanging upside down the air. CLOMP! His cap flies off as he catches the ball. Latest appearance: July 15th, 2017 / First appearance: July 18th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the doghouse and sniffles. He thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "What do you do when the girl-beagle you love more than anything is taken from you, and you know you'll never see her again as long as you live?" Snoopy sits up and thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy eats and thinks, "Back to eating!" Latest appearance: July 14th, 2017 / First appearance: July 17th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse. Charlie Brown carries an envelope and says, "I have bad news for you." Charlie Brown continues, "That last letter you sent to your girl friend at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm never reached her . . She's not there any more . . ." Charlie Brown explains, "She's been sold!" Snoopy screams and runs off the doghouse. Latest appearance: July 13th, 2017 / First appearance: July 16th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "That girl-beagle I met at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm is really something." Snoopy sits up. He smiles and thinks, "I wonder why I liked her so much? I think it's because we teased each other . . ." Snoopy lies on his stomach and thinks, "We laughed a lot, and we teased each other . . ." Snoopy turns over and smiles. He thinks, "And the Latest appearance: July 12th, 2017 / First appearance: July 15th, 1970 Snoopy sticks his tongue out at Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown shouts, "Now you cut that out!" Snoopy walks away. Charlie Brown continues, "Just because you can't go running off to see that girl-beagle you met, you don't have to be so obnoxious!" Charlie Brown points and shouts, "By golly, you'd better start behaving yourself!" Snoopy drops the phone. Charlie Brown shouts, "A Latest appearance: July 11th, 2017 / First appearance: July 14th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands in front of Snoopy. Snoopy wears his supper dish on his head. Charlie Brown asks, "You want to go to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm again?" Snoopy's ears stand up. Charlie Brown walks away and thinks, "No, I don't think you should . . . You've been out enough lately . . ." Snoopy kicks his supper dish and thinks, "Rats!" Snoopy sits on the ground and leans a Latest appearance: July 10th, 2017 / First appearance: July 13th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands next to Snoopy and talks into the phone. He says, "Hello? Is this the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?" Charlie Brown continues, "I'm calling for a friend of mine . . . He wants to speak to one of your dogs . . No, he doesn't know her name . . Describe her?" Snoopy holds out his paws and smiles. Charlie Brown says, "She has very soft paws . . ." Latest appearance: July 9th, 2017 / First appearance: July 12th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. Lucy stands on the slope of the pitcher's mound. She holds out a piece of paper: "Here, Charlie Brown...Sign this petition!" "What's it for?" "Don't be so wishy-washy..just sign it!" He yells: "WANTING TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SIGNING IS NOT BEING WISHY-WASHY!" Lucy asks, "Why are you so crabby?" He looks up and wails, "YELLIN Latest appearance: July 8th, 2017 / First appearance: July 11th, 1970 The Literary Ace types, "Dear Sweetie, Have you missed me?" The Literary Ace continues to type, "I think about you all the time. I can hardly wait until Sunday morning. Don't forget . ." The Literary Ace thinks of hearts, hugs and kisses. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "I think I'm in love!" Latest appearance: July 7th, 2017 / First appearance: July 10th, 1970 Linus looks at a newspaper and approaches Charlie Brown. He says, "According to the paper, the riot was about war dogs . . ." Charlie Brown looks at the paper. Linus says, "Apparently there's been some trouble about dogs being sent to Viet Nam, and then not getting back . . ." Snoopy thinks, "All I know is, I went to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm to make a speech . . . I got whomped wi
First appearance: June 24th, 1975 Peppermint Patty and Marcie stand by the doghouse. Peppermint Patty says, "There it is, Marcie! There's the plane you and I will be flying in the powder puff derby!" Marcie says, "It's a beauty, sir." Peppermint Patty adds, "It has a one hundred and fifty horsepower engine, and it carries thirty-seven gallons of gas." Snoopy wears a baseball cap and walks past Peppermint Patty. Pep First appearance: June 24th, 1956 Pig-Pen walks along in a cloud of dust. "Good morning, Violet...'Morning, Charlie Brown.." Pig-Pen greets them with a wave. They smile at him. They are engulfed by dust. Only their heads are visible as Charlie Brown remarks, "'Pig-Pen' is the only person I know who can raise a cloud of dust on a clean sidewalk!" Violet coughs: "Aak!! Koff! koff!" Pig-Pen walks past a sleepi Latest appearance: June 19th, 2000 / First appearance: June 24th, 1974 Sally and Charlie Brown sit at the table. Sally writes on a piece of paper. Charlie Brown asks, "What's this you're filling out?" Sally holds up the paper and says, "It's an application for not going to camp . . ." Sally continues, "If you're accepted, you can stay home all summer, and not go to camp . . ." Charlie Brown says, "I'd probably fail the physical!" Latest appearance: June 28th, 2009 / First appearance: June 24th, 1962 Snoopy sits on his doghouse in the tall grass and thinks, "I feel like I'm on a raft in the middle of the ocean!" Snoopy looks over the side of his doghouse and says, "This is awful!" Snoopy thinks, "This is terrible!" Snoopy sighs. Charlie Brown sleeps under a tree. Lucy comes up and says, "Have you seen the grass around Snoopy's doghouse?" Charlie Brown says, "W First appearance: June 24th, 1985 Peppermint Patty pushes Marcie on a swing. Peppermint Patty says, "The sign said, 'No eating or drinking inside the theater.'" Peppermint Patty continues, "So right in front of me is this kid eating an orange! An orange . . . Can you imagine?!" Marcie asks, "Did you say anything?" Peppermint Patty pushes Marcie on the swing and replies, "No, I hit him with my hot dog!" First appearance: June 24th, 1979 Eudora and Sally lie side by side in their sleeping bags. Eudora sits up and says,"I should have gone to a hotel camp." She lies back down and asks,"I hate sleeping outside...what if something falls out of the sky and hits me on the head?" Sally replies,"Nothing is going to fall out of the sky!" The moon is high in the sky as Eudora says,"A star might...or maybe the moon.. First appearance: June 24th, 1980 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. Lucy approaches and says, "Hey, pitcher, why don't you give this guy the ol' schmuckle ball?" Charlie Brown asks, "Schmuckle ball?" Lucy takes Charlie Brown's hand and the ball and says, "Just sort of schmush your knuckles around the ball like this and then throw it as hard as you can . . ." Lucy walks away and says, "Not yet . . Latest appearance: June 21st, 2013 / First appearance: June 24th, 1966 Charlie Brown runs up to Lucy and says, "Look Lucy, I got a letter from Linus!" Lucy says, "That blockhead! He never wrote to me!" Charlie Brown says, "He said he met Roy, that same kid I met last year . . . and he said he gave a little talk around the campfire last night." Lucy says, "That stupid blockhead." Charlie Brown continues, "He said he told all the kids about 'The Grea Latest appearance: June 21st, 2008 / First appearance: June 24th, 1961 Linus sits at a table and says to Lucy, "I'm writing a letter to that little girl who plays on the lawn at the White House . . ." Linus says, "I'm going to offer to send her a blanket if she thinks she'd like one . . ." Lucy watches as Linus writes. Linus asks, "Do you know what her last name is?" Latest appearance: June 22nd, 2011 / First appearance: June 24th, 1964 "?" Snoopy thinks as he sits on top of his doghouse. From inside: "Okay..easy now.." "Watch out...there's a turn here in the stairway.." Snoopy leans over on his stomach to watch. "Don't drop them, or we'll have glass all over everything." Snoopy sits on the egde of the doghouse. "Don't you ever return any of your empty pop bottles?!" Charlie Brown demands. He and Linus sta First appearance: June 24th, 1993 Royanne gets ready to pitch. Charlie Brown misses the pitch and strike one is called. Linus and Lucy sit on the bench. Linus shouts, "C'mon, Charlie Brown! She's no pitcher! She's only a girl!" Lucy says, "Only a girl?!" Lucy pushes Linus off the bench and screams, "Well, I'm only your sister, you blockhead!!" Latest appearance: June 24th, 2015 / First appearance: June 24th, 1968 Peppermint Patty sits at the table and writes, "Dear Dad, How are you? I am fine." Peppermint Patty continues to write, "This is my second week at camp and we are having a good time." Peppermint Patty writes, "I have three little girls in my tent. I am the tent monitor. I have been teaching them all about camping." Peppermint Patty writes, "I'll be home soon, Love, Peppermi First appearance: June 24th, 1984 Spike stands in the desert and sighs. He walks along. He stands at a podium with a can on it. He thinks,"The meeting of the cactus club will come to order" He lifts the can and thinks,"The discussion today is what we should do with this empty beer can that some idiot in a pickup threw out of the window...." He stands in front of the podium, facing it, and thinks,"I sugges First appearance: June 24th, 1991 The Literary Ace sits on his doghouse and types, "'How do I love thee?' he said." The Literary Ace types, "'Let me count the ways.'" Snoopy types, "'Five, ten, fifteen, twenty . . .'" First appearance: June 24th, 1977 Marcie stands in tall grass and shouts, "Yes, ma'am, I found your ball." Marcie disappears and says, "But then I lost it again . . ." Marcie says, "I found it again, though, ma'am, but then I lost it again . . ." Marcie says, "The next time I find it, hit it quickly before I lose it again!" Peppermint Patty says, "You're weird, Marcie." Latest appearance: June 21st, 2014 / First appearance: June 24th, 1967 Charlie Brown holds the end of a rope. Roy asks, "You're going to enter the rope climbing contest, Charlie Brown?" Charlie Brown replies, "I've got to! I've got to show the kids in this camp that I'm not a complete flop! Charlie Brown struggles desperately to climb the rope. Charlie Brown hangs upside down by his foot and sighs. Latest appearance: June 22nd, 2007 / First appearance: June 24th, 1960 "Drawing with chalk on the sidewalk is lots of fun," Linus says to Charlie Brown, as he hunches over the ground and draws. "It's really a wonderful medium...You can get some very nice effects..." Charlie Brown glances up at the sky as Linus talks. "I think it ranks right alongside tempera and oil as an artistic medium," Linus adds. Charlie Brown runs away. "Of course, it ha First appearance: June 24th, 1976 Charlie Brown sits in a chair and looks at a piece of paper. He reads, "Dear Roundheaded Kid, I still haven't found Belle." Charlie Brown continues to read, "I am writing this letter in a store that sells typewriters." Charlie Brown reads, "Right now, a clerk is eyeing me rather suspiciously." Snoopy types and thinks, "What's the matter? Don't I look like a customer?" First appearance: June 24th, 1990 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. He yells, "Stop saying it's clouding up! It's not clouding up!" Lucy, standing out in the field, says, "It's clouding up out here.." Lucy in profile. A drop lands on her head. Lucy shouts, "Game called on account of rain! Game called! Game called!" Charlie Brown yells back: "You can't call a same because of one drop of ra Latest appearance: June 19th, 2003 / First appearance: June 24th, 1971 Snoopy sits in the grass. Charlie Brown and Lucy walk toward him. Lucy says, "Dogs don't seem to care who their masters are." Snoopy follows Charlie Brown and Lucy. Lucy says, "They're loyal to any thief or scoundrel who feeds them." Snoopy stops walking and sits in the grass. Lucy continues, "You'd think they'd be a little more discriminating . . Maybe they're naive . . ."
Franklin is thoughtful and can quote the Old Testament as effectively as Linus. In contrast with the other characters, Franklin has the fewest anxieties and obsessions.
Charles Schulz


  • Baseball

    Franklin plays center field on Peppermint Patty’s team.

  • Sand Castles

    Franklin met Charlie Brown at the beach and helped him improve his crooked castle.

  • Hockey

    Franklin hopes to one day be a great hockey player in the NHL.