• First appearance: July 20, 1971
  • Peppermint Patty’s best friend, loyal follower, and complete opposite, Marcie is the smart one of the duo—even if she doesn’t know the difference between baseball and hockey. She’s horrible at sports, but terrific at friendship, especially with Charlie Brown (whom she calls “Charles”) and Peppermint Patty (whom she calls “sir”).

  • Did you know: Though Marcie first appeared by name in 1971, a girl named Clara who bears a striking resemblance attended Camp Kamp with Peppermint Patty in 1968.
First appearance: July 21st, 1985 Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty stand by the bench on the baseball field with Marcie standing near by watching them. Peppermint Patty turns to Marcie, hands akimbo, and says,"This is a managers' meeting, Marcie" The latter replies,"Just listening, sir..." Peppermint Patty turns to Charlie Brown and says,"Okay, Chuck, let's flip a coin to see who gets to be the home team...." Ch First appearance: November 17th, 1998 Peppermint Patty sit at her school desk in fron of Marcie. Peppermint Patty says, "Yes, ma'am. I put down 'true' for all of the questions.." Peppermint Patty says, "Well, Ma'am, I realize, as i'm sure you must also realize, that we do not live in aperfect world... so..." Marcie says, "A good start for a good explantion, sir..." Peppermint Patty says, "What I needed was a good fin First appearance: May 22nd, 1998 Charlie says, "I can't believe I'm doing this.." A nervous Charlie Brown heads over and says, "I'm walking toward the little redhaired girl.." Charlie says, "I'm going to ask her to dance.. I'm getting closer... I'm almost there.. I'm.." Peppermint Patty and Marcie come running toward Charlie. Peppermint screams, "Chuck! We've been looking for you!" Marcie exclaims, "Come o First appearance: June 27th, 1977 Marcie walks with a bag of golf clubs strapped to her back. She sings, "Here we all work 'long the Mississippi." Peppermint Patty says, "Quiet, Marcie! You're disturbing the players!" Marcie asks, "What hole are we on now, sir?" Peppermint Patty replies, "This is number three." Peppermint Patty says, "It's a par five, uphill all the way . . ." Marcie collapses and asks, "Wh First appearance: May 19th, 1999 Peppermint Patty plays golf. Marcie is her caddie. Patty says, "I've dedcided to apply only to colleges that have golf teams.." Marcie says, "Do you think you'll need a good grade point average?" Patty, swing and says, "No, all they care about is can you reach par five is two?" First appearance: January 6th, 1991 Peppermint Patty sits at her desk at school. She says, "I'm next.. I know I'm gonna be next.." Patty turns and whispers to Marcie who is sitting behind her. "So when I get up to the chalkboard, Marcie, you give me the signs.." Patty scratches her head and says, "If the answer is George Washington, touch your head." Patty touches her shoulder, "If the answer is Lincoln, touc First appearance: October 20th, 1990 Marcie lies on a couch. Marcie wakes up and asks, "Where am I?" Charlie Brown replies, "You're at my house, Marcie." Charlie Brown sits on the couch next to Marcie. Marcie says, "I don't want to go home . . Can I stay here? If I go home, I have to be perfect . . ." Sally sits in a beanbag chair and shouts, "If she doesn't want to be perfect, she's come to the right place!" First appearance: September 14th, 1989 Marcie and Peppermint Patty sit at their desks at school. Peppermint Patty sighs and says, "Another D-minus." Peppermint Patty says, "This may be even worse . ." Peppermint Patty continues, "I got one of the new 'longer lasting' D-minuses." First appearance: July 15th, 1981 Peppermint Patty and Marcie lean against rocks. Peppermint Patty has a butterfly on her nose. She says, "A butterfly on my nose! This is serious, Marcie . . I don't want to hurt it . . ." Peppermint Patty continues, "What if it becomes a caterpillar, and crawls down my face with its furry feet?" Marcie explains, "It's already been a caterpillar, sir . . ." Marcie says, "Rig First appearance: January 13th, 1986 Peppermint Patty sits at her school desk and says, "'What made this country great?'" Peppermint Patty asks, "What did you put down for that question, Marcie?" Marcie replies, "'Faith, courage and hard work' . . . What did you put down?" Peppermint Patty answers, "'Peanut butter sandwiches.'" First appearance: October 15th, 1996 Schroeder, Marcie, Linus, Peppermint Patty, Charlie Brown and Snoopy play football in the pouring rain. Charlie Brown sits on Snoopy. Schroeder asks, "Where's the ball?" Marcie responds, "How should I know? I can't see a thing . ." Peppermint Patty shouts, "Isn't this great, Chuck? This is real sport! This is real football!" Charlie Brown asks, "Where's my dog?" Snoopy thinks, "You're sit First appearance: April 1st, 1980 The World Famous Census Taker walks and thinks, "Here's The World Famous Census Taker making his rounds . . ." The World Famous Census Taker stands at Marcie's door. He tips his hat and thinks, "Good morning." Marcie says, "Good morning." Marcie holds out a piece of paper and says, "Here is our census questionnaire all filled out . . We're very glad to cooperate!" Snoopy wa First appearance: April 9th, 1991 The World War I Flying Ace sits on his doghouse and thinks, "Here's the World War I Flying Ace returning to airdrome in his Sopwith Camel . ." Snoopy walks at night and thinks, "As usual, he goes to the small French cafe where he can forget his troubles, the war . . everything!" The World War I Flying Ace sits at a table with Marcie. Marcie says, "Bon soir, Monsieur Flying Ace . . First appearance: September 7th, 1988 Peppermint Patty and Marcie sit at their school desks. Peppermint Patty asks, "Ma'am? I don't understand this first question . . Which ocean are we studying?" Peppermint Patty asks, "Could you be more pacific?" Marcie leans forward and says, "Specific." Peppermint Patty says, "Whatever." First appearance: November 24th, 1995 Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Charlie Brown and Snoopy are outside in the rain playing football. Peppermint Patty says, "Okay, Marcie, you go straight out, then cut left, then go straight, and I'll throw you a pass. Marcie rubs her glasses and says, "How can I go straight out, cut left, and go straight when my glasses are all wet and I can't see a thing?" Charlie Brown, on the other side of the foo First appearance: August 23rd, 1989 Linus, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Sally, Charlie Brown and Snoopy sit and read the paper. Linus says, "I love reading the comics." Peppermint Patty adds, "The comics and the sports page . ." Marcie says, "And the book reviews." Sally says, "Gossip columns." Charlie Brown asks, "I guess we all read what seems to interest us the most , don't we?" Snoopy thinks, 'Dog bites intruder.' First appearance: July 5th, 1975 Peppermint Patty and Marcie stand in the grass. Marcie looks at a paper. Peppermint Patty says, "Well, we made it to Tulsa!" Peppermint Patty continues, "I'm exausted, Marcie . . . Flying an airplane all day is hard work . . . Let's find a nice motel, and get a good night's rest . . ." Marcie points and says, "That looks like a nice place sir . . ." Snoopy stands outside th First appearance: December 3rd, 1986 Marcie and Peppermint Patty sit at their desks in class. Peppermint Patty says, "Yes, ma'am . . We enjoyed the concert." Peppermint Patty continues, "Marcie spent the whole time flauting with the flirtist . . ." Marcie whispers, "Flirting with the flautist." Peppermint Patty says, "Whatever." First appearance: August 24th, 1993 Peppermint Patty and Marcie sit at a table. Peppermint Patty says, "Miss Davis is going to be surprised when she gets this book report . ." Marcie says, "Miss Davis quit teaching two years ago . . She got married, and has a new baby." Peppermint Patty says, "Maybe I could attach a 'congratulations' card to the report . ." First appearance: October 24th, 1975 Marcie talks into the phone. She says, "Hello, Linus? This is Marcie . . . You're not gonna believe this . . ." Marcie continues, "Guess who's outside sitting in a pumpkin patch . . . Peppermint Patty! You've finally got one, Linus . . ." Linus talks into the phone and says, "'Got one'? Got one what?" Marcie replies, "A disciple!"
Latest appearance: March 30th, 2018 / First appearance: April 2nd, 1971 Charlie Brown and Snoopy stand on the pitcher's mound. Snoopy holds his supper dish in his mouth. Charlie Brown says, "Oh, no you don't!" Charlie Brown continues, "You get fed after the game, not before!" Snoopy walks away with the supper dish still in his mouth. Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound and says, "I hate these salary disputes." Latest appearance: March 7th, 2018 / First appearance: March 10th, 1971 Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown sit at the table. Peppermint Patty holds up a piece of paper and says, "I've worked out the baseball schedule for our two teams, Chuck . . ." Peppermint Patty slides the paper over to Charlie Brown and says, "Here, take a look at it, and see what you think . ." Charlie Brown reaches for the paper. Peppermint Patty smiles and says, "You tou Latest appearance: February 16th, 2018 / First appearance: February 19th, 1971 Charlie Brown sits in front of Lucy's psychiatric booth. He says, "Sometimes I ask myself questions . ." Charlie Brown continues, "Sometimes I ask myself, 'Is this your real life, or is this just a pilot film?'" Charlie Brown holds his arms out and asks, "Is my life a thirty-nine week series or is it a special?" Lucy replies, "Whatever it is, our ratings are down . . Five c Latest appearance: December 21st, 2017 / First appearance: December 24th, 1970 Sally lies in bed and says, "So here it is, Christmas Eve, but there'll be no sleigh bells outside my window tonight . ." Sally continues, "Why? Because I've totally rejected the concept of the fat guy in the red suit! For the first time in my life I feel free! For once I . . ." Sally sits up and listens. She says, "What's that? I thought I heard a sleigh bell . . ." Sally Latest appearance: December 6th, 2017 / First appearance: December 9th, 1970 Charlie Brown sits at the table and writes, "Dear Little Red-Haired Girl, Evening is coming on." Charlie Brown continues to write, "I wish it were snowing huge white flakes, and you and I were walking along holding hands and." Charlie Brown stops and looks at the paper. Charlie Brown crumples up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. He says, "A lot of great letters nev Latest appearance: November 11th, 2017 / First appearance: November 14th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the ground with a rope tied around his neck. Woodstock stands in front of him. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "Woodstock is going to rescue me . ." Woodstock climbs on the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock will have me untied in no time at all . . ." Woodstock struggles with the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock is going to untie me, and we're going to . . ." Woodstoc Latest appearance: October 1st, 2017 / First appearance: October 4th, 1970 Peppermint Patty runs along. Peppermint Patty is on the telephone: "Hey, Chuck, come on over, and see what my Dad gave me for my birthday.." She points: "Roses!" Charlie Brown stands behind her. He says, "Wow!" Peppermint Patty adds, "And you know what he said?" They face each other. "He said that I'm growing up fast, and soo I'll be a beautiful young lady, and all Latest appearance: September 23rd, 2017 / First appearance: September 26th, 1970 Snoopy sits in the grass and turns his head. Lucy stands next to him and holds her hand out. Lucy says, "It's bad luck to turn away from a 'Beep.'" Lucy grabs Snoopy's nose and says, "Beep!" Snoopy thinks, "I didn't know that." Latest appearance: September 22nd, 2017 / First appearance: September 25th, 1970 Linus stands in the wind. He sucks his thumb and holds his blanket. Linus' blanket is blown out of his hands. Linus runs. Linus stands next to the doghouse. The blanket completely covers Snoopy. Snoopy thinks, "I hate to see fall come . . . It gets dark so early . ." Latest appearance: July 17th, 2017 / First appearance: July 20th, 1970 Linus stands behind Lucy and says, "I have a question." Linus asks, "What would happen if there were a beautiful and highly intelligent child up in heaven waiting to be born, and his or her parents decided that the two children they already had were enough?" Lucy says, "Your ignorance of theology and medicine is appalling!" Linus says, "I still think it's a good question . Latest appearance: July 16th, 2017 / First appearance: July 19th, 1970 Snoopy is wearing a baseball cap. He runs backwards, looking up at the sky. CLOMP! Snoopy stands up straight in the air and catches the ball in his mouth. Snoopy runs, his cap flying off his head. CLOMP! He jumps in the air and catches another ball. CLOMP! Snoopy catches the ball, hanging upside down the air. CLOMP! His cap flies off as he catches the ball. Latest appearance: July 15th, 2017 / First appearance: July 18th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the doghouse and sniffles. He thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "What do you do when the girl-beagle you love more than anything is taken from you, and you know you'll never see her again as long as you live?" Snoopy sits up and thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy eats and thinks, "Back to eating!" Latest appearance: July 14th, 2017 / First appearance: July 17th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse. Charlie Brown carries an envelope and says, "I have bad news for you." Charlie Brown continues, "That last letter you sent to your girl friend at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm never reached her . . She's not there any more . . ." Charlie Brown explains, "She's been sold!" Snoopy screams and runs off the doghouse. Latest appearance: July 13th, 2017 / First appearance: July 16th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "That girl-beagle I met at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm is really something." Snoopy sits up. He smiles and thinks, "I wonder why I liked her so much? I think it's because we teased each other . . ." Snoopy lies on his stomach and thinks, "We laughed a lot, and we teased each other . . ." Snoopy turns over and smiles. He thinks, "And the Latest appearance: July 12th, 2017 / First appearance: July 15th, 1970 Snoopy sticks his tongue out at Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown shouts, "Now you cut that out!" Snoopy walks away. Charlie Brown continues, "Just because you can't go running off to see that girl-beagle you met, you don't have to be so obnoxious!" Charlie Brown points and shouts, "By golly, you'd better start behaving yourself!" Snoopy drops the phone. Charlie Brown shouts, "A Latest appearance: July 11th, 2017 / First appearance: July 14th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands in front of Snoopy. Snoopy wears his supper dish on his head. Charlie Brown asks, "You want to go to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm again?" Snoopy's ears stand up. Charlie Brown walks away and thinks, "No, I don't think you should . . . You've been out enough lately . . ." Snoopy kicks his supper dish and thinks, "Rats!" Snoopy sits on the ground and leans a Latest appearance: July 10th, 2017 / First appearance: July 13th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands next to Snoopy and talks into the phone. He says, "Hello? Is this the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?" Charlie Brown continues, "I'm calling for a friend of mine . . . He wants to speak to one of your dogs . . No, he doesn't know her name . . Describe her?" Snoopy holds out his paws and smiles. Charlie Brown says, "She has very soft paws . . ." Latest appearance: July 9th, 2017 / First appearance: July 12th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. Lucy stands on the slope of the pitcher's mound. She holds out a piece of paper: "Here, Charlie Brown...Sign this petition!" "What's it for?" "Don't be so wishy-washy..just sign it!" He yells: "WANTING TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SIGNING IS NOT BEING WISHY-WASHY!" Lucy asks, "Why are you so crabby?" He looks up and wails, "YELLIN Latest appearance: July 8th, 2017 / First appearance: July 11th, 1970 The Literary Ace types, "Dear Sweetie, Have you missed me?" The Literary Ace continues to type, "I think about you all the time. I can hardly wait until Sunday morning. Don't forget . ." The Literary Ace thinks of hearts, hugs and kisses. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "I think I'm in love!" Latest appearance: July 7th, 2017 / First appearance: July 10th, 1970 Linus looks at a newspaper and approaches Charlie Brown. He says, "According to the paper, the riot was about war dogs . . ." Charlie Brown looks at the paper. Linus says, "Apparently there's been some trouble about dogs being sent to Viet Nam, and then not getting back . . ." Snoopy thinks, "All I know is, I went to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm to make a speech . . . I got whomped wi
Latest appearance: May 23rd, 2009 / First appearance: May 26th, 1962 Patty stands on the field and shouts, "C'mon Charlie Brown, we're not really expecting much but we can hope!" Linus shouts, "Pitch it to him, Charlie Brown ol' boy! He'll probably hit a home run, but pitch it to him anyway!" Lucy says, "C'mon Charlie Brown, ol' boy! We know you're no good but we're right behind you anyway . . . sort of . . ." Charlie Brown stands on the p First appearance: May 26th, 1991 Spike is climbing, wearing a fedora. Spike heads uphill. He stops at the edge of a cliff. Spike watches as his hat flies off and sails over the cliff. Spike hurries back down the mountain. He continues to hurry. Spike is almost at ground level. He holds his arms out hopefully. The cactus is wearing his hat. Spike is bemused. First appearance: May 26th, 1982 Snoopy sits and fishes. Lucy says, "Anyone who would sit by a lake all day fishing for compliments has to be crazy . . ." Snoopy pulls up a slip of paper on the fishing line. Snoopy reads the slip, "You're cute." Snoopy tosses the slip in the water and thinks, "Too small!" First appearance: May 26th, 1956 Charlie Brown comes upon Lucy sitting on the sidewalk. He asks, "What are you thinking about, Lucy?" He sits next to her and she replies, "I was just thinking what if I thougth the world blew up but then I found out I was dreaming..." She continues, "Then what if while I was only dreaming, the world really DID blow up? Then while..." Charlie Brown grimaces to the reader and mutte Latest appearance: May 28th, 2000 / First appearance: May 26th, 1974 Linus sits on a bench with his lunch. "Good grief!" he says, reaching into his bag, "Another note!" He reads the note: "'Dear Son, I hope you enjoy and also appreciate the lunch I made for you today.'" Linus continues to read: "'Did you have a nice morning? Did you volunteer in class as I suggested? Teachers are always impressed by students who is a sure way to bette Latest appearance: May 23rd, 2017 / First appearance: May 26th, 1970 Charlie Brown sits in front of Lucy's psychiatric booth and asks, "Do you think I can ever become a mature and well-adjusted person?" Lucy replies, "For a question like that I have to be paid in advance." Charlie Brown says, "In advance?! Why?" Lucy replies, "Because I don't think you're going to like the answer!" Latest appearance: May 21st, 2003 / First appearance: May 26th, 1971 Charlie Brown and Lucy stand on the pitcher's mound in the rain. Charlie Brown says, "Rats! All week long I've looked forward to this game, and now it's starting to rain!" Lucy replies, "Actually, this rain is good for the carrots, Charlie Brown, and it's good for the beans and barley, and the oats and the alfalfa . . ." Lucy continues, "Or is it bad for the alfalfa? I think it's g Latest appearance: May 23rd, 2013 / First appearance: May 26th, 1966 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. Lucy says, "What's going on?" Schroeder says, "Charlie Brown doesn't feel well . . . His stomach hurts . . . " Frieda joins Charlie Brown and Linus as Lucy says, "It's nerves, Charlie Brown . . . You take this game too seriously . . . be like Frieda and me . . . we don't care if we win or lose! La de da! Who cares?" Frieda and Lucy s First appearance: May 26th, 1992 Charlie Brown, Sally, Violet, Linus, Sally and Pigpen wait by the curb for the school bus. Charlie Brown asks Sally, "You're eating cold cereal while you're waiting for the bus?" Sally says, "I didn't have time to eat at home . ." Violet asks Linus, "How can you eat potato chips right after breakfast?" Lucy says, "Refined people do not eat in public . ." Pigpen says, "Anyone have a napkin? I First appearance: May 26th, 1999 Marcie and Peppermint Patty sit next to each other in a theater. Marcie holds a playbill. Patty says, "Have you heard any announcements? I always like the announcements.." Patty says, "The role of so and so will be played by so and so.. the use of recording devices and cameras is forbidden" Patty says, "I love the announcements..." Marcie says, "You're very weird , sir.." First appearance: May 26th, 1977 Molly Volley shouts at The World Famous Tennis Pro. She says, "You call it, partner!" Molly Volley asks, "Was it in or out? Do we win or lose?" The World Famous Tennis Pro stands with his arms out and thinks, "In!" The World Famous Tennis Pro kisses Molly Volley and thinks, "Sorry partner!" Molly Volley screams. Snoopy runs away. First appearance: May 26th, 1984 The Literary Ace sits on top of his doghouse with his typewriter. He writes, "Would they meet and fall in love?" Snoopy types, "Or would they be like two sheep who pass in the night?" Snoopy pauses his writing. Snoopy crumples up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. First appearance: May 26th, 1983 Snoopy sits on the ground at night and watches Woodstock sleep. Snoopy carries Woodstock. Snoopy places Woodstock in his nest. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "That was good . . . I didn't wake up him nor his landlady." First appearance: May 26th, 1980 Peppermint Patty and Marcie sit on a bench and eat lunch. Marcie says, "Marshmallows? That's your lunch, sir? A bag of marshmallows?" Peppermint Patty says, "I was in a hurry this morning, Marcie, and that's all I could find in the kitchen . . ." Peppermint Patty continues, "Well, I guess I had one other choice." Marcie asks, "What was that, sir?" Peppermint Patty replies, First appearance: May 26th, 1997 The Revolutionary War Patriot walks through the snow carrying a package. He thinks, "It's another cold day at Valley Forge . . I've baked General Washington a piece of firecake . ." The Patriot thinks, "He says to me, 'Where's the grape jelly?' I tell him we haven't had grape jelly for six weeks . ." The Patriot thinks, "Then he says, 'Can't someone go over to the mall, and get s First appearance: May 26th, 1958 Linus is in his bedroom, wearing his towel, collecting toys. He continues to collect. He walks pass Lucy with an armful of toys. She asks, "Are you taking a bath or are you going on vacation?" First appearance: May 26th, 1998 A boy comes up to Charlie Brown and says, "Hey, kid! Aren't you the one whose friend is wearing the dog suit?" Boy reports, "Anyway, he's sick.. I think he drank too much punch.." Boy says, "The nurse is with him..." Boy says, "She's having trouble getting the dog suit off.." First appearance: May 26th, 1979 Charlie Brown stands at the door and asks, "Where's Lucy?" Linus replies, "She's lying in her bean bag sulking." Charlie Brown says, "Then I won't bother her . . ." Charlie Brown walks away and says, "I know better than to disturb a good sulk." Lucy sulks in her bean bag and says, "Smart." First appearance: May 26th, 1996 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound in the pouring rain. He shouts, "Wait!" Charlie Brown shouts, "It's starting to clear up!" Charlie Brown screams, "Quitters!" Charlie Brown shouts, "A little rain won't hurt you!" Charlie Brown screams, "Doesn't the game mean anything? What happened to being faithful?!" Charlie Brown says, "Rerun! What are you d First appearance: May 26th, 1989 Peppermint Patty looks sad as she says into the telephone, "I knew it Chuck, I failed the test today because instead of studying, I was talking on the phone with you!" Peppermint Patty continues, "It was all your fault Chuck." Charlie Brown asks, "My fault?!" Peppermint Patty responds, "Don't be too hard on yourself, Chuck . ."
Marcie is one-up on Peppermint Patty in every way. She sees the truth of things, where it invariably escapes Patty. I like Marcie.
Charles Schulz


  • School

    Marcie’s sharp scholastic mind and genuine appreciation for the finer arts set her apart from her peers.

  • Charlie Brown

    Peppermint Patty and Marcie consistently pine and compete for “Chuck.”

  • Reading

    Marcie always enjoys a good book!