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Latest appearance: October 2nd, 2002 / First appearance: October 4th, 1972 Snoopy lies on the doghouse. Charlie Brown holds out an envelope and sayus, "Here . . . A message just came for you . ." Snoopy thinks, "A message?" Snoopy opens the envelope. Snoopy reads the letter. Paw prints are on the paper. Snoopy thinks, "It must be from the 'Head Beagle' . . . It's in code!" First appearance: November 4th, 1978 Woodstock and Snoopy sit on the doghouse and look behind them. Snoopy thinks, "Learn from yesterday." Woodstock and Snoopy dance on the doghouse. Snoopy thinks, "Live for today." Woodstock and Snoopy sit on the doghouse and look forward. Snoopy thinks, "Look to tomorrow." Woodstock and Snoopy lie on the doghouse. Snoopy thinks, "Rest this afternoon." Latest appearance: June 11th, 2016 / First appearance: June 14th, 1969 Snoopy sits next to Linus. Linus and Snoopy tumble forward. Lucy stands behind them and shouts, "What's this dog doing in the house?!!!" Lucy points to Snoopy and shouts, "You stay outside where you belong! Out! Out! Out!" Snoopy sits outside at night and thinks, "Rats! I'm gonna miss all my programs!" First appearance: April 2nd, 1985 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound and shouts, "All right, team . . ." Charlie Brown continues, "Let's talk it up out there!" Lucy stands in the outfield and says, "Good morning, my name is Lucy Van Pelt . . I'm eight years old, and I play right field . . . I'm fine . . How are you?" Charlie Brown shouts, "That's not what I meant, and you know it!!" First appearance: May 21st, 1983 Schroeder plays the piano. A music staff hovers over him. Charlie Brown runs and pulls a kite. Charlie Brown runs back and pulls the music staff. Schroeder plays the piano. A kite hovers over him. First appearance: July 17th, 1997 Peppermint Patty leans against a tree reading a book. Snoopy sits on the other side of the tree. Patty says, 'Dogs are lucky. Dogs don't have to waste their summer reading 'Silas Marner'". Snoopy thinks, "I read a book about a cat once.." Snoopy thinks, "I read it when I was going to obedience school.." Patty says, "'Silas Marner' is on our 'required reading' list." Snoopy thinks, First appearance: November 6th, 1990 Snoopy lies on top of his doghouse and watches Woodstock push a full grocery cart. A an empty grocery cart is underneath Woodstock's nest. Snoopy thinks, "Another one of those who doesn't take the grocery cart back . ." First appearance: November 27th, 1995 Sally holds a piece of paper and says, "Look at all the people I have to send Christmas cards to!" Charlie Brown asks, "If it bothers you, why do you do it?" Sally puts both arms on the table and replies, "Because if I don't, they'll hate me . ." Sally holds the paper up to Charlie Brown and says, "Look at Loretta..If I don't send her a card she'll hate me . ." Charlie Brown says Latest appearance: December 8th, 2011 / First appearance: December 10th, 1964 "MY BLANKET!" Linus approaches Snoopy with a frown. Snoopy sits on the ground with Linus's blanket. ZIP! Linus whips the blanket away from Snoopy. Linus walks away as Snoopy is left whirling in a squiggle. WHEE! Snoopy thinks dizzily. Latest appearance: June 1st, 2014 / First appearance: June 4th, 1967 Charlie Brown lies in bed, asleep. Snoopy lies on top of his doghouse. It is raining. Snoopy runs through the rain. Snoop peeks in Charlie Brown's window; Charlie Brown is fast asleep. Snoopy runs. He pokes his head through the mail slot at the door. He looks in at Charlie Brown's window again. He peeks throught he mail slot. Snoopy r First appearance: February 22nd, 1996 Rerun stands at Snoopy's door holding a snow sled. Rerun turns around and walks away. Snoopy comes running out of the house. Snoopy sits on the sled and thinks, "Mush!" Latest appearance: October 2nd, 2012 / First appearance: October 5th, 1965 Sally sits at her desk, chewing a pencil and says, "'Sets' . . . 'One to one matching' . . . " Sally continues, "'Equivalent sets' . . . 'Non-equivalent sets' . . . 'Sets of one' . . . 'Sets of two' . . ." Sally says, "'Renaming two' . . . 'Subsets' . . . 'Joining sets' . . . 'Number sentences' . . . 'Placeholders' . . . " Sally wails, "All I want to know is how much is two First appearance: October 4th, 1982 The World War I Flying Ace thinks, "Here's The World War I Flying Ace hanging around the barracks . . ." The World War I Flying Ace shuffles a deck of cards and thinks, "He is restless . . There is nothing to do except play cards . . ." The World War I Flying Ace holds his nose and thinks, "Okay, men, the game is 'Pig'! If you get two of a kind, you put your finger against your nos First appearance: January 30th, 1984 The World War I Flying Ace sits at a table. On the table is a candle and some food. He thinks, "Here's the World War I Flying Ace sitting in a small French cafe . . ." The WWI Flying Ace thinks, "He is very nervous from his many days at the front . . ." The WWI Flying Ace thinks, "He needs something to calm his nerves . . ." Snoopy raises his paw as if to order and thinks, Latest appearance: March 2nd, 2010 / First appearance: March 5th, 1963 Snoopy watches as Charlie Brown writes, "Dear Mr. Producer, I watched your animated cartoon show on tv last night. I must protest." Charlie Brown looks at Snoopy and says, "What else do you want to say?" Charlie Brown continues, "The drawings are offensive, and you consistently portray animals as being silly and stupid." Snoopy lies on his doghouse and says, "Maybe I shoul Latest appearance: July 23rd, 2006 / First appearance: July 26th, 1959 Snoopy stands with his back up against a tree. He looks out of the corner of his eye. He races along. Linus stands outside, holding his blanket and sucking his thumb. His eyes are closed. CLOMP! Snoopy speeds past Linus, grabbing his bkanket and sending Linus spinning. Linus runs after him, heading towards the doghouse, where just the end off the blanket is visible. Latest appearance: March 25th, 2003 / First appearance: March 30th, 1971 Snoopy stands in a doorway. Snoopy sits at a desk in school and smiles. Snoopy tumbles down the stairs. Snoopy walks alone at night. He thinks, "So much for 'Back to school night.'" Latest appearance: October 16th, 2011 / First appearance: October 11th, 1964 Sally smiles and skips rope. Sally continues skipping rope. Sally suddenly stops smiling and stops skipping. Sally suddenly begins to wail. Linus comes running and says, "What's the matter Sally? What happened? Why are you crying?" Sally says, "I don't know . . ." Sally continues, "I was jumping rope . . . Everything was all right . . . when . . . First appearance: November 5th, 1976 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound and wears a winter coat and hat. He says, "This pitcher's mound and I have been through a lot together." Charlie Brown continues, "Now the season is over, and winter is coming . . ." Charlie Brown walks off the pitcher's mound and says, "I hate to leave an old friend out in the cold . . ." The pitcher's mound thinks, "Three weeks Latest appearance: May 29th, 2003 / First appearance: June 3rd, 1971 Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty stand near booths. Peppermint Patty says, "This is it, Chuck . . A real carnival!" Charlie Brown points and says, "Look, there's a place where you can win a prize by knocking over some wooden milk bottles with a baseball!" Peppermint Patty says, "They saw you coming, Chuck . ." Peppermint Patty continues, "They've also probably seen your f
Latest appearance: December 6th, 2017 / First appearance: December 9th, 1970 Charlie Brown sits at the table and writes, "Dear Little Red-Haired Girl, Evening is coming on." Charlie Brown continues to write, "I wish it were snowing huge white flakes, and you and I were walking along holding hands and." Charlie Brown stops and looks at the paper. Charlie Brown crumples up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. He says, "A lot of great letters nev Latest appearance: November 11th, 2017 / First appearance: November 14th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the ground with a rope tied around his neck. Woodstock stands in front of him. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "Woodstock is going to rescue me . ." Woodstock climbs on the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock will have me untied in no time at all . . ." Woodstock struggles with the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock is going to untie me, and we're going to . . ." Woodstoc Latest appearance: October 1st, 2017 / First appearance: October 4th, 1970 Peppermint Patty runs along. Peppermint Patty is on the telephone: "Hey, Chuck, come on over, and see what my Dad gave me for my birthday.." She points: "Roses!" Charlie Brown stands behind her. He says, "Wow!" Peppermint Patty adds, "And you know what he said?" They face each other. "He said that I'm growing up fast, and soo I'll be a beautiful young lady, and all Latest appearance: September 23rd, 2017 / First appearance: September 26th, 1970 Snoopy sits in the grass and turns his head. Lucy stands next to him and holds her hand out. Lucy says, "It's bad luck to turn away from a 'Beep.'" Lucy grabs Snoopy's nose and says, "Beep!" Snoopy thinks, "I didn't know that." Latest appearance: September 22nd, 2017 / First appearance: September 25th, 1970 Linus stands in the wind. He sucks his thumb and holds his blanket. Linus' blanket is blown out of his hands. Linus runs. Linus stands next to the doghouse. The blanket completely covers Snoopy. Snoopy thinks, "I hate to see fall come . . . It gets dark so early . ." Latest appearance: July 17th, 2017 / First appearance: July 20th, 1970 Linus stands behind Lucy and says, "I have a question." Linus asks, "What would happen if there were a beautiful and highly intelligent child up in heaven waiting to be born, and his or her parents decided that the two children they already had were enough?" Lucy says, "Your ignorance of theology and medicine is appalling!" Linus says, "I still think it's a good question . Latest appearance: July 16th, 2017 / First appearance: July 19th, 1970 Snoopy is wearing a baseball cap. He runs backwards, looking up at the sky. CLOMP! Snoopy stands up straight in the air and catches the ball in his mouth. Snoopy runs, his cap flying off his head. CLOMP! He jumps in the air and catches another ball. CLOMP! Snoopy catches the ball, hanging upside down the air. CLOMP! His cap flies off as he catches the ball. Latest appearance: July 15th, 2017 / First appearance: July 18th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the doghouse and sniffles. He thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "What do you do when the girl-beagle you love more than anything is taken from you, and you know you'll never see her again as long as you live?" Snoopy sits up and thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy eats and thinks, "Back to eating!" Latest appearance: July 14th, 2017 / First appearance: July 17th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse. Charlie Brown carries an envelope and says, "I have bad news for you." Charlie Brown continues, "That last letter you sent to your girl friend at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm never reached her . . She's not there any more . . ." Charlie Brown explains, "She's been sold!" Snoopy screams and runs off the doghouse. Latest appearance: July 13th, 2017 / First appearance: July 16th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "That girl-beagle I met at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm is really something." Snoopy sits up. He smiles and thinks, "I wonder why I liked her so much? I think it's because we teased each other . . ." Snoopy lies on his stomach and thinks, "We laughed a lot, and we teased each other . . ." Snoopy turns over and smiles. He thinks, "And the Latest appearance: July 12th, 2017 / First appearance: July 15th, 1970 Snoopy sticks his tongue out at Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown shouts, "Now you cut that out!" Snoopy walks away. Charlie Brown continues, "Just because you can't go running off to see that girl-beagle you met, you don't have to be so obnoxious!" Charlie Brown points and shouts, "By golly, you'd better start behaving yourself!" Snoopy drops the phone. Charlie Brown shouts, "A Latest appearance: July 11th, 2017 / First appearance: July 14th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands in front of Snoopy. Snoopy wears his supper dish on his head. Charlie Brown asks, "You want to go to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm again?" Snoopy's ears stand up. Charlie Brown walks away and thinks, "No, I don't think you should . . . You've been out enough lately . . ." Snoopy kicks his supper dish and thinks, "Rats!" Snoopy sits on the ground and leans a Latest appearance: July 10th, 2017 / First appearance: July 13th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands next to Snoopy and talks into the phone. He says, "Hello? Is this the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?" Charlie Brown continues, "I'm calling for a friend of mine . . . He wants to speak to one of your dogs . . No, he doesn't know her name . . Describe her?" Snoopy holds out his paws and smiles. Charlie Brown says, "She has very soft paws . . ." Latest appearance: July 9th, 2017 / First appearance: July 12th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. Lucy stands on the slope of the pitcher's mound. She holds out a piece of paper: "Here, Charlie Brown...Sign this petition!" "What's it for?" "Don't be so wishy-washy..just sign it!" He yells: "WANTING TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SIGNING IS NOT BEING WISHY-WASHY!" Lucy asks, "Why are you so crabby?" He looks up and wails, "YELLIN Latest appearance: July 8th, 2017 / First appearance: July 11th, 1970 The Literary Ace types, "Dear Sweetie, Have you missed me?" The Literary Ace continues to type, "I think about you all the time. I can hardly wait until Sunday morning. Don't forget . ." The Literary Ace thinks of hearts, hugs and kisses. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "I think I'm in love!" Latest appearance: July 7th, 2017 / First appearance: July 10th, 1970 Linus looks at a newspaper and approaches Charlie Brown. He says, "According to the paper, the riot was about war dogs . . ." Charlie Brown looks at the paper. Linus says, "Apparently there's been some trouble about dogs being sent to Viet Nam, and then not getting back . . ." Snoopy thinks, "All I know is, I went to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm to make a speech . . . I got whomped wi Latest appearance: July 6th, 2017 / First appearance: July 9th, 1970 Snoopy walks up to Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown shouts, "You're back!" Snoopy walks past Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown says, "What happened? We saw the riot on tv! Did you get hurt? Are you all right?" Snoopy sits on the doghouse and smiles. Charlie Brown asks, "What happened?" Charlie Brown frowns. Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "She had the softest paws . . ." He Latest appearance: July 5th, 2017 / First appearance: July 8th, 1970 Charlie Brown and Linus sit in front of the tv. Charlie Brown asks, "What's happening now?" Linus replies, "I can't tell . . . There's so much smoke you can't see anything!" Charlie Brown cries and shouts, "My poor dog, trapped in a riot at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm! My poor dog . . ." Snoopy is completely covered by a cloud of smoke. He thinks, "Where am I? I can't see! Oops! What Latest appearance: July 4th, 2017 / First appearance: July 7th, 1970 Snoopy hides behind a podium. Debris is thrown at him. He thinks, "I came here to give a speech . . ." Snoopy runs and thinks, "Why is everyone yelling?! Why is everyone throwing things? What's going on?" Snoopy stands in a cloud and thinks, "Smoke! Tear gas! Good grief!" Snoopy is completely covered by the cloud. He thinks, "I hate giving speeches!" Latest appearance: July 3rd, 2017 / First appearance: July 6th, 1970 Linus stands in front of the tv and says, "A riot!" Charlie Brown rushes in. Linus says, "Look, Charlie Brown, there's a riot at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm! It's on the news, see?!" Charlie Brown says, "But that's where Snoopy is! Have you seen him? Have they shown him? Where is he?" Snoopy stands on the stage and has debris thrown at him. He thinks, "Doesn't anyone want to
First appearance: December 13th, 1988 Snoopy and Charlie Brown stand next to a counter. Charlie Brown says, "Yes, ma'am . . We've come to renew his dog license . ." Snoopy covers one eye and thinks, "b k m g r t s p w." Charlie Brown says, "She said not to worry . . You don't have to take an eye test . ." Snoopy covers the other eye and thinks, "I wasn't worried . . This eye is even better . ." Charlie Brown pays fo First appearance: December 13th, 1995 Linus, Charlie Brown and Snoopy lean against a tree. Linus asks, "If you work real hard and you get everything you've always wanted, is it worth it?" Snoopy thinks, "Not if your dog doesn't like you . ." First appearance: December 13th, 1986 Spike lies on the ground writing a letter. He writes, "Dear Santa Claus, I hope this letter reaches you before Christmas." Spike writes, "I am worried about something." Spike writes, "When you come to fill my stocking . . ." The stocking hangs on a cactus. Spike writes, "Please be careful. Love, Spike." First appearance: December 13th, 1987 The literary ace sits atop his doghouse looking thoughtful. Woodstock sits behind him. The literary ace types, "Dear Santa Claus," He looks up as Woodstock chirps. He retypes,"Dear Mr. Claus," He looks back at Woodstock as the latter chirps to him again. The literary ace retypes,"Dear Monsieur Claus," He rolls his eyes as Woodstock chirps again. First appearance: December 13th, 1975 Peppermint Patty grabs the football out of Marcie's hands. Peppermint Patty shouts, "Gimme that ball, Marcie!" Peppermint Patty walks away with the football and says, "I could stand out there for the rest of my life waiting for you to kick it!" Marcie tackles Peppermint Patty. Peppermint Patty drops the football. Peppermint Patty lies on the ground dazed. Marcie says, "You Latest appearance: December 7th, 2012 / First appearance: December 13th, 1965 Linus watches tv. Lucy says, "Mom, says to get started on your homework." Linus says, "Tell her I'm conducting an experiment to see what would happen to someone who never did his homework, but just sat and watched tv every evening . . ." Lucy shouts, "Mom says to get started on that homework right now!" Linus's hair stands on end. Linus sits at the table surrounded by boo Latest appearance: December 11th, 2002 / First appearance: December 13th, 1972 Sally and Charlie Brown sit at the table. Sally writes, "Ten milligrams equals one centigram." Sally continues to write, "Ten decigrams equals one gram." Sally writes, "Ten grams equals one grampa." Sally looks at the paper. Charlie Brown says, "Keep going . . . I can hardly wait to see what comes next . . ." Latest appearance: December 8th, 2000 / First appearance: December 13th, 1974 Woodstock and Snoopy sit on the doghouse. Woodstock speaks. Woodstock turns in the opposite direction and speaks. Woodstock turns back around and continues to speak. Snoopy clears his throat. Woodstock speaks. Snoopy thinks, "Every now and then he tries to put in too much detail!" First appearance: December 13th, 1984 Sally and Charlie Brown sit at a table. Sally says, "I'm really trimming down my Christmas card list this year . . ." Sally shouts, "Mildred, Danny, Esther, Mabel, Fred, Joe, Lydia, Verna, Emil, Floyd . . . I crossed 'em all off!" Sally says, "I'm down to one last name . . ." Sally screams, "And there goes Jessie!!" Charlie Brown ducks behind the table. First appearance: December 13th, 1992 Sally stands and asks, "Where's a good pen?" Sally searches in a drawer and says, "I need some extra nice stationery . ." Charlie Brown and Sally sit at the table. Sally writes, "Dear Samantha Claus, How have you been?" Charlie Brown says, "Samantha Claus?" Sally turns to Charlie Brown and says, "She's the fat lady with the reindeer who brings us Christmas presents." Charli Latest appearance: December 8th, 2003 / First appearance: December 13th, 1971 Snoopy lies on the doghouse in the dark. Lucy says, "Wake up, you stupid beagle, it's five o'clock!" Snoopy thinks, "Oh, no!" Lucy and Snoopy walk in the snow. Lucy says, "If we're going to skate in the Christmas show, we've got to practice and practice and practice!" Snoopy thinks, "While the stars are still out?" Lucy says, "Stop complaining . . . Getting up early in the morning First appearance: December 13th, 1977 Linus lies in bed. Lucy approaches the bed. Linus says, "I can't go to school today . . . My right shoulder hurts . . ." Linus continues, "If I should happen to know an answer, I wouldn't be able to raise my hand." Lucy walks away and says, "C'mon, get up! You can always raise your other hand . ." Linus sits up and shouts, "You expect me to answer questions left-handed?!" First appearance: December 13th, 1996 Charlie Brown sits in front of Lucy's psychiatric help booth. Lucy asks, "How can you complain about being lonely when you have a dog?" Charlie Brown says, "Well . ." Charlie Brown says, "I'm just not sure if I . . ." Charlie Brown says, "You said he wouldn't be listening . ." Snoopy sits behind the booth. Latest appearance: December 10th, 2016 / First appearance: December 13th, 1969 Charlie Brown reaches into the mailbox. Charlie Brown takes out a letter. Charlie Brown says, "This is going to be a bad Christmas." Charlie Brown tells Sally, "All my letters to Santa Claus came back unopened!" First appearance: December 13th, 1985 Sally runs down the stairs and shouts, "Don't push me!" Sally stands next to the line to see Santa and shouts, "Just because you're Santa Claus, you can't throw me out!" Sally runs and shouts, "Don't push me! I was trying to help you! You're too fat!" Sally stops and points. She shouts, "And you have a crease in your ear lobe!!" First appearance: December 13th, 1978 The Literary Ace sits on the doghouse. Lucy says, "Now, look, you stupid beagle . . ." Lucy continues, "Beethoven's birthday is this Saturday! I want my book in all the stores by then." Lucy shouts, "So get typing!!" Snoopy thinks, "If we changed the name to Bach, it would go faster." Latest appearance: December 10th, 2009 / First appearance: December 13th, 1962 Violet points at Charlie Brown and says, "I can prove it!" Violet continues, "It's a scientific fact that at our age girls are smarter than boys!" Charlei bRown says, "You're right . . . I admit it . . ." Violet raises a fist and says, "Boy, you think you're smart, don't you?!" First appearance: December 13th, 1999 Snoopy is dressed like Santa Claus, and he holds a bell. Lucy walks past him. As she walks by, Snoopy rings the bell very loudly, starting her and making her spin in the air. The bell goes, "CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!" Lucy lays on the ground and Snoopy thinks, "Season's Greetings." First appearance: December 13th, 1976 Lucy stands behind the psychiatric booth. Charlie Brown sits in front of the booth and says, "Nothing ever goes right for me . . ." Lucy says, "I've been thinking about that, Charlie Brown . . ." Lucy holds out her arm and says, "Maybe you're your own worst enemy." Charlie Brown replies, "In that case, I should default!" First appearance: December 13th, 1997 Linus, Charlie Brown and Snoopy lean against a stone wall. Linus says, "And did you buy her the gloves?" Charlie Brown says, "Sure. I sold my whole comic book collection to get the money." He says, "Then I met her in the store and she showed me the new pair of gloves she'd just bought!" Linus says, "So you're not going to give her the pair you bought?" Charlie Brown waves his hands