• First appearance: August 23, 1959
  • Charlie Brown’s little sister believes the world owes her an explanation. Why does she have to go to school? Why doesn’t Linus, her Sweet Babboo, love her? And what’s the capital of Venezuela? Sally is always on the hunt for answers—and when she doesn’t get them, she comes up with a whole new philosophy: “Who cares?”

  • Did you know: For 6 months, Sally experienced amblyopia ("lazy eye") and wore an eye patch.
First appearance: December 1st, 1990 Sally sits in a beanbag chair. Charlie Brown says, "I wanted to buy Peggy Jean some gloves for Christmas, but they cost twenty-five dollars." Sally says, "She's going to be disappointed when she finds out her boyfriend is a cheapskate." Charlie Brown looks dismayed. He says, "I'm not a cheapskate . . I just don't have twenty-five dollars." Sally says, "Put it on your credit card First appearance: September 13th, 1975 Sally sits at the table and writes, "What do we learn from history?" Sally continues to write, "We don't learn anything from history." Sally stops writing and thinks. Sally writes, "I don't even learn anything from Math!" Latest appearance: September 13th, 2009 / First appearance: September 9th, 1962 Sally stands and says, "I've never been so mad in my whole life!" Linus walks up and says, "How are you today, Sally?" Sally replies, "I'm mad! I'm mad at the whole world!" Linus asks, "Are you mad at everybody in the whole world?" Sally replies, "I'm mad at everybody!" Linus asks, "Are you mad at all the animals and the birds and the fish? How about all the trees and a First appearance: May 22nd, 1987 Sally stands in the front of the classroom and says, "This is my report on whatever it was we were supposed to be reporting on . ." Sally says, "If I knew what we were to report on, this is what my report would be about, and I . . ." Sally says, "Ma'am?" Sally sits in her seat and says, "So much for winging it . ." First appearance: September 7th, 1999 Sally and Linus wait for the school bus. Sally says, "Why am I standing here?" Linus says, "If you don't know, you shouldn't be here..." Sally says, "If I'm not here, where should I be?" Linus says, "Anywhere... It's up to you.." Sally says, "Why did I ask you why I'm standing here?" First appearance: February 20th, 1991 Sally and Linus wait for the school bus. Sally says, "I wish the bus would come . . I think I'm getting chilblains . . ." Linus says, "At the first indication of chilblains, it is well to rub the feet with warm spirits of rosemary . ." Linus continues, "Chilblains may also be cured by bathing the feet in water in which potatoes have been boiled . . ." Sally holds her stoma First appearance: June 16th, 1975 Charlie Brown wears his camp hat and carries a sleeping bag. Sally stands beside him. Charlie Brown gets on the bus and says, "So long, Sally . . ." Sally waves and says, "Goodbye, big brother! Have a nice time at camp . . . If you can!" The bus drives away. Sally says, "I'm sure glad I'm not going . . ." Sally walks in the grass and says, "The only kind of trips I like are First appearance: May 22nd, 1993 Sally, Lucy, Linus and the World Famous Attorney wait for the bus. Lucy shouts, "A judge on the Supreme Court?! That stupid dog couldn't be a judge on a tennis court!" Linus retorts, "Au contraire! He is an attorney with the highest of reputations!" Snoopy looks in his bag and thinks, "What happened to all the cookies?" First appearance: March 13th, 1980 Lucy walks with Sally. Lucy says, "There I was, standing up in front of the whole class, and I forgot what I was going to say . . ." Lucy continues, "I could feel my face turning red . . You know how it feels . . ." Lucy and Sally walk past Charlie Brown as he is hanging from a tree and tangled in kite string. Lucy says, "It's like when you're upside down, and all the blood rushes First appearance: February 6th, 1987 Snoopy lies on his doghouse. Lucy reads a paper and says, "Hmm . ." Lucy says, "It says here that most people don't get enough sleep . . ." Lucy shouts, "Maybe you could donate some!" Snoopy thinks, "I'll think of an answer when I wake up . ." First appearance: August 13th, 1983 Sally stands next to her school and says, "Well, school, have you had a nice summer?" Sally leaves and the school thinks, "Very nice." The school thinks, "But it's going by too fast." The school thinks, "I can already feel my tan fading." Latest appearance: September 29th, 2016 / First appearance: October 2nd, 1969 Sally sits at her desk in school. She says, "Draw a farm? You want us to draw a farm?" Sally holds out her arms and says, "I can't draw a farm . . I've never even SEEN a farm! Besides, cows' legs are impossible to draw . . . Sally shakes her fist and shouts, "I defy anyone in this class to draw a good cow leg!" Sally sits outside the principal's office and says, "I'm the First appearance: March 23rd, 1988 Sally stands in the front of the class room and holds doll. She smiles and says, "This concludes my portion of 'show and tell' where I have shown you all my new 'praying doll.'" Thibault pushes Sally aside and shouts, "Sit down, kid! I"m gonna show'em my new rocket launcher!" Sally swings the doll at Thibault and knocks him over. Sally shouts, "How do you like my new 'praying do First appearance: June 15th, 1992 The World War I Flying Ace and Sally sit on the doghouse. Sally asks, "If we're flying to Hollywood, we should be going over some mountains pretty soon, shouldn't we?" Sally says, "It's been a smooth flight so far, though, hasn't it?" Sally says, "Almost as if we're not flying at all . ." Snoopy rolls his eyes. First appearance: March 25th, 1976 Sally and Snoopy stand in front of the class. Snoopy wears a cast on his foot. Sally says, "To begin our story we must go back several years . . ." Sally continues, "We must go back to the childhood years of our three airline stewardesses, Evelyn, Pat and Shirley . . ." Snoopy leans against Sally. Sally says, "Evelyn was born in Missouri, Pat in Wisconsin and Shirley in Pennsylvani First appearance: January 18th, 1995 Charlie Brown and Sally sit at the table. Charlie Brown says as Sally writes, "When I write a paper, I try to show the teacher that she has somehow enriched my experience . ." Sally reads, "This is my report on the dumb field trip we took yesterday." Charlie Brown says, "Then again, what do I know?" Sally asks, "How can I write when you're talking?" First appearance: March 7th, 1977 Charlie Brown stands with Snoopy and Sally. He holds a sack and a stick and says, "I'm running away, Sally . . . I don't want to go to jail . ." Snoopy thinks, "Who's going to feed the dog?" Charlie Brown says, "Feed Snoopy for me while I'm away will you?" Snoopy thinks, "Make sure he gets enough." Charlie Brown walks away and says, "Make sure he gets enough, and tell everyone not Latest appearance: July 20th, 2010 / First appearance: July 23rd, 1963 "Playing jacks?" Charlie Brown stands above Sally, who sits on the ground. She answers, "Uh huh." "With a golf ball?" "I always use a golf get better action.." Sally looks up at him. "Well, have a good game.." he advises as he walks off. "I will.." Sally says. "I'm using the ball that all the touring pros use!" Latest appearance: December 21st, 2004 / First appearance: December 22nd, 1970 Sally and Charlie Brown sit at the table. Sally writes, "Dear Santa Claus, You can't bluff me." Sally continues to write, "I know that you are wishy washy. I know that you will bring me presents whether I'm good or whether I am bad." Charlie Brown stands behind Sally as she puts the letter in the mailbox. Sally walks away and says, "Into the teeth of the storm!" Latest appearance: April 13th, 2013 / First appearance: April 16th, 1966 The Foreign Legionnaire thinks, "Here's 'beau' Snoopy of the French foreign legion marching across the desert." The Foreign Legionnaire thinks, "Nothing but sand as far as the eye can see . . . buzzards cirlce overhead . . . Water! We must have water! Water . . . " Sally comes up and says, "Here, you looked kind of thirsty so I brought you your dish." Snoopy thinks, "What
Latest appearance: March 30th, 2018 / First appearance: April 2nd, 1971 Charlie Brown and Snoopy stand on the pitcher's mound. Snoopy holds his supper dish in his mouth. Charlie Brown says, "Oh, no you don't!" Charlie Brown continues, "You get fed after the game, not before!" Snoopy walks away with the supper dish still in his mouth. Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound and says, "I hate these salary disputes." Latest appearance: March 7th, 2018 / First appearance: March 10th, 1971 Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown sit at the table. Peppermint Patty holds up a piece of paper and says, "I've worked out the baseball schedule for our two teams, Chuck . . ." Peppermint Patty slides the paper over to Charlie Brown and says, "Here, take a look at it, and see what you think . ." Charlie Brown reaches for the paper. Peppermint Patty smiles and says, "You tou Latest appearance: February 16th, 2018 / First appearance: February 19th, 1971 Charlie Brown sits in front of Lucy's psychiatric booth. He says, "Sometimes I ask myself questions . ." Charlie Brown continues, "Sometimes I ask myself, 'Is this your real life, or is this just a pilot film?'" Charlie Brown holds his arms out and asks, "Is my life a thirty-nine week series or is it a special?" Lucy replies, "Whatever it is, our ratings are down . . Five c Latest appearance: December 21st, 2017 / First appearance: December 24th, 1970 Sally lies in bed and says, "So here it is, Christmas Eve, but there'll be no sleigh bells outside my window tonight . ." Sally continues, "Why? Because I've totally rejected the concept of the fat guy in the red suit! For the first time in my life I feel free! For once I . . ." Sally sits up and listens. She says, "What's that? I thought I heard a sleigh bell . . ." Sally Latest appearance: December 6th, 2017 / First appearance: December 9th, 1970 Charlie Brown sits at the table and writes, "Dear Little Red-Haired Girl, Evening is coming on." Charlie Brown continues to write, "I wish it were snowing huge white flakes, and you and I were walking along holding hands and." Charlie Brown stops and looks at the paper. Charlie Brown crumples up the paper and throws it over his shoulder. He says, "A lot of great letters nev Latest appearance: November 11th, 2017 / First appearance: November 14th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the ground with a rope tied around his neck. Woodstock stands in front of him. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "Woodstock is going to rescue me . ." Woodstock climbs on the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock will have me untied in no time at all . . ." Woodstock struggles with the rope. Snoopy thinks, "Woodstock is going to untie me, and we're going to . . ." Woodstoc Latest appearance: October 1st, 2017 / First appearance: October 4th, 1970 Peppermint Patty runs along. Peppermint Patty is on the telephone: "Hey, Chuck, come on over, and see what my Dad gave me for my birthday.." She points: "Roses!" Charlie Brown stands behind her. He says, "Wow!" Peppermint Patty adds, "And you know what he said?" They face each other. "He said that I'm growing up fast, and soo I'll be a beautiful young lady, and all Latest appearance: September 23rd, 2017 / First appearance: September 26th, 1970 Snoopy sits in the grass and turns his head. Lucy stands next to him and holds her hand out. Lucy says, "It's bad luck to turn away from a 'Beep.'" Lucy grabs Snoopy's nose and says, "Beep!" Snoopy thinks, "I didn't know that." Latest appearance: September 22nd, 2017 / First appearance: September 25th, 1970 Linus stands in the wind. He sucks his thumb and holds his blanket. Linus' blanket is blown out of his hands. Linus runs. Linus stands next to the doghouse. The blanket completely covers Snoopy. Snoopy thinks, "I hate to see fall come . . . It gets dark so early . ." Latest appearance: July 17th, 2017 / First appearance: July 20th, 1970 Linus stands behind Lucy and says, "I have a question." Linus asks, "What would happen if there were a beautiful and highly intelligent child up in heaven waiting to be born, and his or her parents decided that the two children they already had were enough?" Lucy says, "Your ignorance of theology and medicine is appalling!" Linus says, "I still think it's a good question . Latest appearance: July 16th, 2017 / First appearance: July 19th, 1970 Snoopy is wearing a baseball cap. He runs backwards, looking up at the sky. CLOMP! Snoopy stands up straight in the air and catches the ball in his mouth. Snoopy runs, his cap flying off his head. CLOMP! He jumps in the air and catches another ball. CLOMP! Snoopy catches the ball, hanging upside down the air. CLOMP! His cap flies off as he catches the ball. Latest appearance: July 15th, 2017 / First appearance: July 18th, 1970 Snoopy sits on the doghouse and sniffles. He thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "What do you do when the girl-beagle you love more than anything is taken from you, and you know you'll never see her again as long as you live?" Snoopy sits up and thinks, "What do you do?" Snoopy eats and thinks, "Back to eating!" Latest appearance: July 14th, 2017 / First appearance: July 17th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse. Charlie Brown carries an envelope and says, "I have bad news for you." Charlie Brown continues, "That last letter you sent to your girl friend at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm never reached her . . She's not there any more . . ." Charlie Brown explains, "She's been sold!" Snoopy screams and runs off the doghouse. Latest appearance: July 13th, 2017 / First appearance: July 16th, 1970 Snoopy lies on the doghouse and thinks, "That girl-beagle I met at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm is really something." Snoopy sits up. He smiles and thinks, "I wonder why I liked her so much? I think it's because we teased each other . . ." Snoopy lies on his stomach and thinks, "We laughed a lot, and we teased each other . . ." Snoopy turns over and smiles. He thinks, "And the Latest appearance: July 12th, 2017 / First appearance: July 15th, 1970 Snoopy sticks his tongue out at Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown shouts, "Now you cut that out!" Snoopy walks away. Charlie Brown continues, "Just because you can't go running off to see that girl-beagle you met, you don't have to be so obnoxious!" Charlie Brown points and shouts, "By golly, you'd better start behaving yourself!" Snoopy drops the phone. Charlie Brown shouts, "A Latest appearance: July 11th, 2017 / First appearance: July 14th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands in front of Snoopy. Snoopy wears his supper dish on his head. Charlie Brown asks, "You want to go to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm again?" Snoopy's ears stand up. Charlie Brown walks away and thinks, "No, I don't think you should . . . You've been out enough lately . . ." Snoopy kicks his supper dish and thinks, "Rats!" Snoopy sits on the ground and leans a Latest appearance: July 10th, 2017 / First appearance: July 13th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands next to Snoopy and talks into the phone. He says, "Hello? Is this the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?" Charlie Brown continues, "I'm calling for a friend of mine . . . He wants to speak to one of your dogs . . No, he doesn't know her name . . Describe her?" Snoopy holds out his paws and smiles. Charlie Brown says, "She has very soft paws . . ." Latest appearance: July 9th, 2017 / First appearance: July 12th, 1970 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound. Lucy stands on the slope of the pitcher's mound. She holds out a piece of paper: "Here, Charlie Brown...Sign this petition!" "What's it for?" "Don't be so wishy-washy..just sign it!" He yells: "WANTING TO KNOW WHAT YOUR SIGNING IS NOT BEING WISHY-WASHY!" Lucy asks, "Why are you so crabby?" He looks up and wails, "YELLIN Latest appearance: July 8th, 2017 / First appearance: July 11th, 1970 The Literary Ace types, "Dear Sweetie, Have you missed me?" The Literary Ace continues to type, "I think about you all the time. I can hardly wait until Sunday morning. Don't forget . ." The Literary Ace thinks of hearts, hugs and kisses. Snoopy smiles and thinks, "I think I'm in love!" Latest appearance: July 7th, 2017 / First appearance: July 10th, 1970 Linus looks at a newspaper and approaches Charlie Brown. He says, "According to the paper, the riot was about war dogs . . ." Charlie Brown looks at the paper. Linus says, "Apparently there's been some trouble about dogs being sent to Viet Nam, and then not getting back . . ." Snoopy thinks, "All I know is, I went to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm to make a speech . . . I got whomped wi
First appearance: April 8th, 1991 Marcie and Peppermint Patty sit at their school desks. Peppermint Patty exclaims, "Another D-minus . . I can't stand it!" Marcie says, "Maybe you're on your way, sir . ." Peppermint Patty asks, "On my way to where?" Marcie raises her hands and shouts, "To the 'D-minus Hall of Fame'!" Peppermint Patty says, "You're weird, Marcie." Latest appearance: April 5th, 2014 / First appearance: April 8th, 1967 Linus stands in front of Sally and folds his hands. He says, "Here's the church and here's the steeple . ." Linus continues, "Open the door . . ." Linus says, "And see all the people!" Sally says, "Sort of a small congregation." First appearance: April 8th, 1956 "Get 'way out, Linus..." Charlie Brown directs Linus to the field. He carries a baseball and a bat. Linus walks away, carrying his blanket. "'WAY out!" Charlie Brown adds. Linus drags his blanket along. Linus stands and sucks his thumb. He looks up. He holds out his blanket. He folds his blanket. He folds the blanket into a square. First appearance: April 8th, 1957 Linus, Patty, and Violet are standing in the field. Linus says, "Here, Violet, these are for you because I like you..." Violet looks confused. He walks off blushing. Violet says, "Why, how nice! Thank you, Linus ...thank you very much.." Patty says, "What did he give you?" Violet replies, "Some french-fries with a rubber band around them!" Latest appearance: April 5th, 2016 / First appearance: April 8th, 1969 Snoopy sits on the doghouse. Charlie Brown says, "But you don't have any idea where she is!" Snoopy wears his supper dish on his head. Charlie Brown asks, "How will you find her? Where will you look? Don't you think you should consider this a little more carefully before you just sort of take off?" Charlie Brown shakes hands with Snoopy and says, "No, your mind is made up, isn't it Latest appearance: April 5th, 2008 / First appearance: April 8th, 1961 Charlie Brown walks with Linus and says, "Monday is our first game and I feel like leaving the country!" Charlie Brown says, "I'm just not cut out to be a manager I guess , , , My shoulders aren't broad enough . . ." Linus says, "You mean you're not ready to assume the 'Mantle of Responsibility'?" Charlie Brown says, "Before it will fit me, the 'Mantle of Responsibility' wi Latest appearance: April 6th, 2011 / First appearance: April 8th, 1964 Snoopy sits on the grass, pouting. Charlie Brown stands in front of him and says, "We're a couple of sore-arm buddies, did you ever think of that?" Charlie Brown sits next to him and says, "You had a rabies shot, and I've got 'Little Leaguer's Elbow'...that's kind of funny, isn't it?" Snoopy glares at Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown rolls his eyes and says, "I guess it isn't.. Latest appearance: April 6th, 2015 / First appearance: April 8th, 1968 Snoopy stands on the doghouse and looks at a piece of paper. He smiles and thinks, "Here's The World Famous Golf Pro receiving his invitation to play in the Masters." Snoopy thinks, "Ah, what a thrill!! Georgia in the spring!" Snoopy holds a golf club and thinks, "I can see myself now standing on the first tee . . ." Snoopy continues to think, "Actually, beagles are almost First appearance: April 8th, 1981 Charlie Brown stands on the pitcher's mound in the rain. He says, "Rats! It's starting to rain . . ." Charlie Brown continues, "All right, where's our ground crew?" Charlie Brown points and shouts, "Get out the tarp, and cover the infield!" Charlie Brown stands with the tarp draped over him. He says, "They did that pretty fast." Latest appearance: April 5th, 2006 / First appearance: April 8th, 1959 Violet and Charlie Brown are leaning on the brick wall. Violet says, "It's funny...Patty is really my best friend when we're not Shermy should be my friend too, but somehow, he just isn't.." She continues, "Lucy is usually my friend but sometimes she seems like she isn't and she acts like Schroeder, who is sort of a friend, but not really.." Charlie Brown watches her First appearance: April 8th, 1992 Linus is reading a newspaper. Sally is looking at her lunch bag. Linus says, "And it says there is strong evidence that girls are not receiving the same quality of education as their brothers." Sally responds, "It's true..I got peanuts butter again." First appearance: April 8th, 1997 Marcie and Peppermint Patty sit at their desks in school. Water leaks on Peppermint Patty's head. Marcie says, "Sir, the roof is leaking again, and you're getting all wet . ." Peppermint Patty replies, "I don't like to complain, Marcie . ." Marcie stands up and says, "Then I'll do it for you!" Marcie stands in front of the teacher's desk and says, "We were just wondering, m First appearance: April 8th, 1975 The Literary Ace sits on the doghouse and smiles. Charlie Brown asks, "You're writing to Truffles, too?" The Literary Ace thinks, "What a neat girl!" The Literary Ace types, "Behold, you are beautiful, my love. Your hair is like a flock of goats moving down the slopes of Gilead." Charlie Brown reads the letter and says, "You stole this from the 'Song of Solomon.'" Snoopy sm Latest appearance: April 13th, 2002 / First appearance: April 8th, 1972 Linus stands by the doghouse and says, "I apologize, Snoopy . ." Linus holds the glove and says, "I thought the cat next door had gotten Woodstock, but it was only an old yellow glove . . ." Linus continues, "But it proved one thing didn't it? It proved you were willing to give your life for your friend! You could have been killed!" Snoopy lies on the doghouse all beat up. Latest appearance: April 3rd, 2003 / First appearance: April 8th, 1971 Snoopy sits on the doghouse with books. Linus stands next to the doghouse and looks at a book. Linus reads, "The Six Bunnie-Wunnies and Their Pony Cart." Linus continues, "'The Six Bunny-Wunnies go to Long Beach' . . . 'The Six Bunny-Wunnies Make Cookies' . . . 'The Six Bunny-Wunnies Join an Encounter Group.'" Linus turns to Snoopy and says, "You're the only person I know who has t First appearance: April 8th, 1989 Peppermint Patty stands outside Charlie Brown's house. Peppermint Patty says, "Hi, Chuck . . I think we have to sue you!" Charlie Brown is confused. Peppermint Patty continues, "After the ball hit you on the head, it bounced away someplace, and now we can't find it . . ." Peppermint Patty shouts, "You lost our ball, Chuck!" Charlie Brown says, "I can't stand it . . . I just can't Latest appearance: April 8th, 2001 / First appearance: April 8th, 1973 Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown sit, leaning against either side of a tree. Peppermint Patty says, "I'm sort of curious about something.." She continues, "Do you think you'll ever get married, Chuck?" Charlie Brown says, ""Oh, I suppose so...just about everyone does..." Peppermint Patty raises her eyebrows. She says, "What kind of girl do you think you'll marry?" "Well, First appearance: April 8th, 1985 The Literary Ace types, "A Sad Story." Lucy reads a sheet of paper and says, "This isn't a sad story . ." Lucy gives the paper back to the Literary Ace and says, "This is a dumb story!" Snoopy looks at the paper and thinks, "That's what makes it so sad." First appearance: April 8th, 1976 Marcie, dragging her baseball bat, walks over to Peppermint Patty sitting on the bench in the field. The latter says,"Well, Marcie, you struck out again." Marcie swipes her hand in the air and exclaims,"If I had a cap, sir, I could come back here to the bench, and slam it down in disgust!" Peppermint Patty asks,'Why don't you just try getting a hit instead?" Marcie waves h First appearance: April 8th, 1977 The World Famous Golf Pro holds a golf club and stands next to Woodstock. He thinks, "I wonder how many yards it is to the green . . ." Woodstock speaks and begins to walk. The World Famous Golf Pro stands and watches. Snoopy stands next to Woodstock at night and thinks, "Two hundred and fifty-one yards!"
Sally is the complete pragmatist. There is a certain charm when she fractures the language: ‘By golly, if any centimeters come in this room, I’ll step on them!
Charles Schulz


  • Linus

    Sally is devoted to Linus, who she affectionately calls her “sweet babboo.”

  • Moving

    Sally is constantly trying to move into her big brother’s bedroom whenever he leaves the house.

  • Philosophies

    Though never really on target, Sally feels a philosophy like “Why are you telling me?” can solve any problem.