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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Charlie Brown have a girlfriend?

Actually between 1990 and 1991, he did. He met Peggy Jean at summer camp. He was so enamored (and extremely nervous), that he introduced himself as Brownie Charles, the name by which she would know him until she moved away. Throughout their relationship, he was continually torn between Peggy Jean and his affection for the Little Red-Haired Girl.

Does Snoopy have any siblings? If so, what are their names?

Snoopy’s siblings from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm are:

  • Spike: Spike wears a hat and has a mustache. He lives in the desert outside Needles, CA.

  • Belle: Belle is Snoopy’s only sister. She is fun and adventurous.

  • Marbles: Marbles has spots and is very intelligent. He prefers the real world to Snoopy’s imagination.

  • Olaf: Olaf is kind and embraces his distinct look among his siblings.

  • Andy: Andy has fuzzy fur and enjoys traveling with Olaf.

What about the Little Red-Haired Girl?

If you purely follow the strip, the Little Red-Haired Girl is never given a name. Actually, she’s never even seen in the strip. The Little Red-Haired Girl did actually appear in one of the PEANUTS TV specials (It’s Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown, 1977), in which she was called Heather. But in this instance, the creative decisions regarding her appearance were decided by the show’s animators, not Mr. Schulz.

What are the names of the teachers in PEANUTS?

Actually, there are many.The following info was copied from the PEANUTS Collector Club FAQ, penned by master collector and PEANUTS aficionado Derrick Bang (

  • Mrs. Donovan: Mentioned as Charlie Brown’s teacher on 2/17/66.

  • Miss Othmar, later Mrs. Hagemeyer: Linus’ favorite teacher.

  • Miss Halverson: Linus’ new teacher after Miss Othmar is fired during a strike. (She later reappears sending poor Miss Halverson into comic-strip limbo.)

  • Miss Swanson: Mentioned as Peppermint Patty’s teacher on 12/8/69.

  • Miss Tenure: Peppermint Patty also had another teacher named Miss Tenure that most notably accused her of stealing a box of gold stars from her desk.

What does Charlie Brown’s dad do for a living?

He is a barber – just as Mr. Schulz’s own father was.

What does Lucy’s sign read?

Generally, the signs on her Psychiatry Booth read: PSYCHIATRIC HELP 5¢ and THE DOCTOR IS IN, but the cost of psychiatric help has wavered as high as 47¢.

Who are the dancing girls featured in A Charlie Brown Christmas?

The twin sisters named “Three” and “Four,” who are most commonly recognized as the bouncy dancing girls in A Charlie Brown Christmas, were characters from the daily PEANUTS in the 60’s. They had an older brother named “Five.” In the strips’ story line, their father names them with numbers in protest of society’s ever-growing trend of reducing human lives to statistics. Their last name is actually 95742 – the family’s zip code. Most have deduced that this was a bit of Mr. Schulz’s social commentary as to 1960’s activism. Each of the three characters was seldom seen after the early 70’s.

Who is the girl with naturally curly hair?

The girl with the naturally curly hair is known as Frieda.

Charles Schulz and The Peanuts comic strip

I would like to reprint a PEANUTS strip.

Please draft an email providing a full description of your intended usage and all important contact information for you/your organization, and send to:

Where can I find the reprint books of the PEANUTS strips?

PEANUTS books are printed by a variety of different publishers and are readily available through most major booksellers.

Who draws the PEANUTS strip today?

By the wishes of Mr. Schulz’s family, no new strips are – nor ever will be – drawn and published. There are new animated specials in development, but the story lines are based entirely on themes and dialogue from the strip’s history. The strips still published in your daily newspaper and on our website are actually reprints from the 50 year/17,897 strip history of PEANUTS. The strips’ relevance, charm, and timeliness today are perhaps the most powerful proof of their quality.

Collectors' Items

What’s the value of a particular PEANUTS product? I need some info about a particular PEANUTS product.

Fans looking for more information about their collections may refer to Andrea Podley’s (with Derrick Bang) PEANUTS Collectibles, Identification and Value Guide, 2000 or Freddi Margolin’s PEANUTS, The Home Collection, A Collector’s Guide to Identification and Value, 1999. In addition, the PEANUTS Collectors Site, has information that may be helpful.

Film / TV / Music

What are the lyrics to the Charlie Brown song?

Most of the music associated with the various PEANUTS specials and films was instrumental, but if you are looking for songs with specific lyrical content, the sheet music published by Hal Leonard Publishing is your best bet.

Where can I find PEANUTS sheet music? PEANUTS CDs?

Hal Leonard Publishing has printed a complete PEANUTS Songbook. In the past, all of the pieces have been available separately or in different collections, but now, they’re all in one book. It is readily available through most music stores.

If you’re having difficulty finding them, the original composer of the theme song (titled “Linus & Lucy”) as well as most of the music identified with the PEANUTS specials, is Vince Guaraldi. His music is also readily available on CD.

Where can I get the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher?

While it’s not a sound available for easy distribution, it was created for the specials on a trombone, with the use of a plunger as a mute.

Special Requests

As a PEANUTS fan, I often come across content on the internet that uses the PEANUTS copyrights and trademarks in an unfavorable fashion, and I don’t think it is authorized by PEANUTS Worldwide. What actions does PEANUTS Worldwide take to protect the work of Charles Schulz and the PEANUTS property?

Read in over 2,200 newspapers, in 75 countries and 21 languages, PEANUTS is truly a global presence. As you can imagine, PEANUTS Worldwide must fight copyright infringements on an on-going basis in almost every territory worldwide; a constant challenge, and an issue we take very seriously. The PEANUTS Worldwide legal team, assisted by vigilant PEANUTS fans around the globe, is constantly learning of and reviewing various unauthorized content and, within the bounds of the copyright law, takes action where appropriate.

Can I use PEANUTS images on my web site? Can I link to

Please contact

I would like to use the PEANUTS characters for a particular event/group/function. How do I obtain permission?

For more information, please email All requests will be screened as efficiently as possible. As the popularity of PEANUTS prompts a large volume of requests, please be sure to provide adequate timing for the completion of your request.

My theatre group has obtained the right from Tams-Witmark to perform You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown or SNOOPY!!! The Musical and we are now looking to obtain image rights for our marketing. What do I need to do?

In conjunction with a production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, PEANUTS Worldwide offers a standard promotional graphic of Charlie Brown and Snoopy in silhouette. In conjunction with SNOOPY!!! The Musical, PEANUTS Worldwide offers a graphic of Snoopy and Woodstock.For a fee of $25 we can provide you with this graphic to be used in promotional materials such as flyers, posters, and programs. You may also have permission to use this image on t-shirts, however it must be understood that they may NOT be sold for profit and will be distributed only to cast and crew. In order to receive these graphics, please send an email to and include your school or institution’s name, address, phone number, and email address along with the date(s) of your performance. Due to the volume of requests received please allow 2 weeks to turn around your request.

My theatre group would like to do A Charlie Brown Christmas this year. How can I go about obtaining the rights?

The official stage production of A Charlie Brown Christmas is available for licensing through Tams-Witmark ( Once it is licensed, please contact to obtain standard promotional graphics for the show.

Additional Questions

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