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Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie on Apple TV+

One-of-a-Kind Marcie

Quiet, kindhearted introvert Marcie has lots of brilliant ideas to help her friends achieve goals and solve problems. But when the world takes notice and the spotlight lands on her, sharing those ideas becomes a challenge.

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Snoopy Presents: Lucy's School on Apple TV+

Lucy's School

The Peanuts gang are anxious about starting at a new school, so Lucy starts her own school instead. She soon learns that teaching is tougher than she thought - and that change can be a good thing.

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Snoopy Presents: To Mom (And Dad), With Love on Apple TV+

To Mom (And Dad), With Love

Mother’s Day is almost here, and everyone in the Peanuts gang is excited, except for Peppermint Patty. For her, it’s a reminder that she didn’t grow up with a mom. But good pal Marcie helps Peppermint Patty see that families come in all shapes and sizes.

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A boy in a baseball cap looking shocked while a girl looks lovingly at a flower

It's the Small Things, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is determined to win the big baseball game. But things turn into a fiasco right before the matchup, when Sally bonds with a little flower on the pitcher’s mound and vows to protect it at all costs.

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A boy dancing and a boy playing a piano with the text The Peanuts Classics Apple TV+

The Peanuts Classics

The gang’s all here! Experience the nostalgia and joy of these iconic specials, including Charlie Brown's All Stars!; She's a Good Skate, Charlie Brown; It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown; You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown; and many more.

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Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne on Apple TV+

For Auld Lang Syne

After finding out her grandmother won’t be visiting for Christmas, Lucy decides to cheer herself up by throwing the ultimate New Year’s Eve party. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown tries to fulfill one of his resolutions before the clock strikes midnight.

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Who Are You, Charlie Brown on Apple TV+

Who Are You, Charlie Brown?

Lupita Nyong’o narrates a documentary about Peanuts and its creator, Charles M. Schulz. Famous fans—including Drew Barrymore, Kevin Smith, and Al Roker—share its influence on them, and a new animated story finds Charlie Brown on a quest.

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A black and white beagle dancing on top of a red doghouse while hugging a little yellow bird

The Snoopy Show

The world’s most iconic dog is ready for his close-up. Dive into new adventures with the happy-dancing, high-flying, big-dreaming beagle, who's joined by best friend Woodstock and rest of the Peanuts gang.

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Apple TV+ Snoopy in Space Exclusively on Apple TV. Subscription Required

Snoopy in Space

Blast off with Snoopy as he fulfills his dream to become a NASA astronaut. Joined by Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts Gang, Snoopy takes command of the International Space Station and explores the moon and beyond.

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Black and white dog in astronaut suit next to the words Peanuts in Space Secrets of Apollo 10

Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10

This Emmy-winning documentary short sets out to solve the great mystery: Was Snoopy a top-secret astronaut?

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Image montage featuring Peanuts specials - christmas, thanksgiving, halloween, valentine's day

Classic Holiday Specials

Classic Holiday specials—including perennial favorites It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Christmas

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The Peanuts Movie logo by Schulz (Blue Sky Studios)

The Peanuts Movie

Enjoy a hilarious and heartwarming adventure with good ol’ Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the beloved Peanuts Gang, as you’ve never seen them before.

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A black and white dog lay downs on top of his red doghouse while a boy carries a bucket of water

Take Care with Peanuts: Know How to Keep Cool

Summer heat means finding new ways to keep cool to take care of your body and mind!

a black and white dog hands a boy a bucket of fish

Take Care with Peanuts: Help a Friend, Help Yourself

With no luck catching fish, Snoopy offers Franklin his catch, and they both discover how in helping a friend, you might just help yourself.

A boy sitting on a park bench holding a blue baby blanket

Take Care with Peanuts: Show Support

Showing support is great way to make those we care about feel validated, even when that support costs 5 cents!

A boy in a yellow t-shirt with a black zig zag sits on a park bench and admires nature

Take Care with Peanuts: Let Nature Lift Your Spirits

When everything seems to be going wrong, finding a calm moment to connect with nature and appreciate your surroundings can make all the difference.

Black and white dog sitting on top of a red doghouse using a typewriter.

Take Care with Peanuts: Be Wise with Supplies

Charlie Brown reminds Snoopy that it is important to reduce waste and only use what you need. As Earth Day approaches, remember to be wise with your supplies!

Two girls, one holding a basket ball, speak to a boy on the court

Take Care with Peanuts: Be Aware of What's Fair

Peppermint Patty and Marcie teach their friends that it is important to be aware of what's fair in order to imagine a more equal future.