A boy with yellow hair sitting in front of a red piano.
First Appearance: 
May 30, 1951

A moody musical genius, Schroeder has been playing the piano since before he could walk. He also enjoys baseball and being with friends, but he’s never happier than when playing a Beethoven piece—even if the black keys of his piano are just painted on. If only he could get Lucy to leave him alone long enough to make it through the first movement of the sonata!

Did You Know: 
Schulz chose Beethoven as Schroeder's muse because he believed words beginning with "B" sounded blockhead and beagle.

"I kind of like Schroeder. He’s fairly down to earth, but he has his problems too. He has to play on the painted black piano keys, and he thinks Beethoven was the first President of the United States." —Charles M. Schulz

Head bust of famous pianist Beethoven
Schroeder is a fan of all things Beethoven. He even considers the composer’s birthday a national holiday.
Hockey stick
When baseball season is over, Schroeder laces up his skates and hits the ice!
Red piano
Toy Piano
A musical prodigy, Schroeder is happiest in front of his piano (until Lucy asks him to play love songs).