Take Care with Peanuts Videos

Check back regularly for brand-new short videos featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they learn to take care of themselves, each other, and their favorite planet: Earth.

The Peanuts gang standing around with snow in the background

Take Care with Peanuts: Set Your Own Goals

While it is important to listen to others, Charlie Brown learns that when it comes to New Year’s resolutions and setting goals, the most important person to listen to is himself.

A dog in a Santa hat riding a sleigh full of presents

Take Care with Peanuts: Give the Gift of Fun

It’s the season of giving! As you take care of each other this holiday season, remember that some of the best gifts are the memories made with those we love.

A boy cuddling with his dog while watching the sun rise

Take Care with Peanuts: Get Up and Get Outside

Feeling motivated to get outside isn’t always easy. Snoopy shows Charlie Brown that the opportunity to appreciate nature’s beauty is worth the extra effort.

A boy and black and white dog playin in a pile of leaves while a girl in a blue dress stares at them

Take Care with Peanuts: Jump Into Fall

Even once they have fallen, leaves play an important role in a tree’s life and its eco-system. Jump into fall by appreciating the beauty and importance of leaves!

A boy and a girl standing outside a school looking happy

Take Care with Peanuts: Start with a Clean Slate

A new school year can be intimidating, but Sally learns that a fresh perspective, positive attitude, and clean slate can give her the confidence she needs to overcome her fears!

A beagle in a birthday hat with a yellow bird dancing next to him

Take Care with Peanuts: Growing Older, Getting Wiser

Growing older means gaining new perspectives and building new friendships. Snoopy uses his birthday as a chance to be the bigger beagle and make amends with the Cat Next Door.