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Take Care With Peanuts Activities

Engaging hands-on crafts and activities make “taking care” a real-world project, providing fun and learning for the whole family. These activities are particularly appropriate for children ages 4–8.

Reduce Reuse Recycle Repeat

Take Care of the Earth Reduce Reuse Recycle Repeat Activity Sheet

It’s easy to make small changes in our life to be more sustainable! This activity sheet makes the rules of recycling fun, even though it’s always fun to Take Care of the Earth!

Get Involved!

"Peanuts Get Involved" worksheet with a drawing of a boy and some essay prompts

Celebrate Black History Month by learning about all of the incredible contributions Black authors, scientists, artists, engineers, singers, activists and more have made throughout history!

Take Someone Under Your Wing

"Peanuts Take Care of the Earth" activity sheet with a drawing of a dog feeding birds and some instructions

One way to live in harmony with nature and appreciate the life outside is to support the environment and creatures in your own neighborhood. This activity sheet teaches you how to make your own bird feeder to show some love to the birds in your backyard!

Think Inside the Box

"Peanuts Take care of the Earth" worksheet with drawings of kids recycling boxes with craft supplies

The holiday season celebrates the joy of giving, but everything we give comes in boxes, bags, and paper that can be wasteful! This activity sheet encourages you to repurpose used boxes and wrapping supplies to create even more fun and adventures!

Be a Good Sport

"Peanuts Take Care of Each Other" worksheet with drawings of a dog playing hockey and birds in a bird bath

Being a good sport means supporting others, showing respect, and practicing kindness! The lessons we learn in sports can help us take care of each other in everyday life too. Use this activity sheet to think of ways you can be a good sport.

Stick Together

"Peanuts Take Care of Each Other" worksheet with a drawing of a dog lying on top of a pumpkin and two boys in a pumpkin patch

Holidays like Halloween are the best when spent with people you love. Trick or-treating together and sharing your candy is a great way to show others you care about them and to spread joy. Use this activity sheet to celebrate friendship this spooky season!

Lean into Learning

Lean Into Learning activity sheet with fill in the blanks text

A new school year can be daunting, but it can also bring lots of exciting things like new subjects, new teachers, new friends, and new achievements! Use this activity sheet to lean into learning and get excited about everything school has to offer.

Know How to Keep Cool

Know How to Keep Cool activity sheet with filling bucket with ideas exercise

If you think of life as Charlie Brown’s bucket, what fills your bucket with joy? This activity helps you recognize all the things in your life that fills your bucket with happiness, whether it be cooling off on a hot summer day or spending time with friends!

Help a Friend, Help Yourself

Help a Friend, Help Yourself activity sheet with paper cutting exercise

When kindness is passed on, it creates a chain reaction that makes the world a better place and brings happiness back to you as well! This activity sheet reminds you to share your happiness “catch” with others and in doing so, help yourself!

Show Support

Show Support activity sheet with personal reminders

Sometimes all a friend needs is to feel support, whether you listen, give advice, or offer a shoulder to cry on. This activity reminds you to check in on your friends and gives you prompts to learn best how to show support.

Let Nature Lift Your Spirits

Let Nature Lift Your Spirits activity sheet with instructions how to spend time outside

Slowing down and connecting with nature is a great way to feel calm and grounded when feeling overwhelmed. This activity sheet encourages you to get outside and appreciate nature whenever you need it!

Be Wise with Supplies

Be Wise with Supplies activity sheet with paper making instructions

Learn how you can be wise with supplies. Paper-making is a creative way to reduce waste and reuse old materials–plus it’s fun!

Be Aware of What's Fair

Be Aware of What's Fair activity sheet with female athletes research exercise

Peppermint Patty has always been an emblem of courage and authenticity, speaking up for herself and teaching her friends about equality in women’s sports on and off the playing field. This activity honors Peppermint Patty and her message of sports equality by encouraging you to research and celebrate a female athlete who inspires you!

Appreciate What You Have

Appreciate What You Have activity sheet with letter writing exercise

Taking care of each other means celebrating all the types of love you have in your life. This activity sheet encourages you to take a step back, look around, and show appreciation for all of the people, places, and things you love and everything that loves you back!

Set Your Own Goals

Set Your Own Goals activity sheet with brainstorm exercise

Use this activity sheet as an opportunity to think about your goals for the new year and brainstorm ways to make the most of 2023!

Give the Gift of Fun

Give the Gift of Fun activity sheet with and advent calendar

Get in the holiday spirit with this Take Care with Peanuts advent calendar that will inspire you to have fun, make memories, and embrace the season of giving!

Get Up and Get Outside

Get Up and Get Outside activity sheet with a calendar

It’s not always easy finding the motivation to get outside. This activity will help you to think of creative ways to experience nature and make a plan to stay accountable!

Jump Into Fall

Jump Into Fall activity sheet with leaf cutting exercise

Use this activity sheet to jump into fall and appreciate the beauty and importance leaves play in their eco-system!

Start with a Clean Slate

Start with a Clean Slate activity sheet with reminders exercise

A new school year can be scary, but it is also a great opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. Use this activity sheet to help you feel confident for the first day of school!

Growing Older, Getting Wiser

Growing Older, Getting Wiser activity sheet with paper cutting exercise

Celebrate Snoopy’s birthday, Take Care style! Use this activity sheet to get into the birthday spirit and reflect on how you can take initiative in fostering new relationships.

Shine On, Charlie Brown

Shine On, Charlie Brown activity sheet with reflection exercise

Use this activity sheet to celebrate the people who make your life shine brighter and see how they create a special constellation just for you.

A Friend Is Someone Who Listens

A Friend Is Someone Who Listens activity sheet a scavenger hunt exercise

This activity can help you hone your active listening skills to care not only for each other by supporting your friends, but also care for yourself as a reminder to check in and talk about your feelings.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe activity sheet with a reflection exercise

Phrases as simple as “Just Breathe” can serve as helpful reminders to stay grounded and calm when feeling overwhelmed. This activity is a great way to reflect on stressful moments and how to approach these emotions with positive affirmations!

We Need Our Trees

We Need Our Trees activity sheet with tree drawing exercise

Trees come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and kinds - each equally important in helping our ecosystems thrive. Use this tree journal activity to document and discover how many different trees make up the world around you!

Fun for All Seasons

Fun for All Seasons activity sheet with a drawing exercise

Take Care of Yourself by having fun outside no matter the season in this new activity sheet!

Speak from the Heart

Speak from the Heart activity sheet with a paper folding exercise

Show your friends and family members how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with the Speak from the Heart activity sheet!

2022 Vision Board

2022 Vision Board activity sheet with reminders

Think about what you want to accomplish this year and how you plan to Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Each Other, and Take Care of the Earth with the Take Care with Peanuts vision board.

Take Care with Peanuts Bingo

Take Care with Peanuts Bingo activity sheet

Challenge yourself to give back to the Earth, help each other and your community, and take care of yourself by playing Take Care with Peanuts Bingo.

Treat a Friend

Treat a Friend activity sheet with colouring and paper cutting

Show your appreciation to those around you by finding fun ways to pay it forward with this activity sheet filled with acts of kindness galore!

Happy Harvesting

Happy Harvesting activity sheet with composting exercise

A happy Halloween goes hand-in-hand with a happy planet! Try this pumpkin-filled activity sheet for fun and delicious ways to help the environment. There's nothing spooky about saving the earth!

Learning is Everywhere

Learning is Everywhere activity sheet with ice cream making exercise

Learning doesn't just happen in school. Whether it's making ice cream, exploring nature or letting a paper airplane soar, these activities show that learning really is everywhere!

Friends, Big and Small

Friends, Big and Small activity sheet with cake making exercise

August 10 is Snoopy's birthday! Celebrate the world's most famous beagle by taking care of your four-legged friends and baking up Snoopy's birthday cake as well as spoiling them with homemade dog toys.

Move Your Own Way

Move Your Own Way activity sheet with training exercise

Everyone has their favorite way to exercise, from Lucy Lunges to a Snoopy Dance Party! Take this 30-Day Physical Activity Challenge, and find your own way to get active.

Get Up and Grow

Get Up and Grow activity sheet with gardening exercise

Learn how to make your own Seed Jar and see how a plant grows from a seed to a sprout before your very eyes!

Feel Better

Feel Better activity sheet with maze exercise

Take care of others by being prepared-- learn how to create your own first aid kit.

Choose to Reuse

Choose to Reuse activity sheet with recycling exercises

Be like Snoopy and make your own recycled birdhouse to help Take Care of the Earth!

Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice activity sheet with paragraph writing exercise

Help Lucy, Marcie and the Peanuts gang find their voices - and learn to find your own!

Charlie Brown’s Caring Tree

Charlie Brown’s Caring Tree activity sheet with creative exercises

Learn how kindness grows by building your very own Charlie Brown caring tree!

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